Benefits of Brand Monitoring Tools for Social Media

PR Tech Wednesdays with Todd Grossman

The benefits of brand monitoring tools for social media are not always apparent to the chief communications officers responsible for purchasing them. This is a conversation all about how to monitor your brand on social media. What is Brand Monitoring? If you have Google Analytics, why do you need premium social media monitoring tools, and…

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Are Sentiment Analysis Algorithms Accurate?

Reliably automating sentiment analysis online with artificial intelligence could totally change reputation management. Media monitoring providers know it, and are working to crack the code. For a public relations professional’s perspective, if Google knows what I want to search, Amazon knows what I want to buy and Netflix knows what I want to watch, shouldn’t…

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Netvibes Set Up Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide

Netvibes Google Reader

This is a step-by-step guide on how to set-up Netvibes. Most of the Google Reader alternatives out there are focused on giving users social filters to discover the best content. But Netvibes has been there and done that. They’re more interested in helping users finding meaning through context. The good news is, Netvibes will give you…

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Media Monitoring with Feedly

News and social media monitoring remains critical to effective social media marketing.  Because if you don’t know what people are talking about, you don’t know what’s important to them or where to focus your efforts. Since the announcement that one of the most popular social monitoring tools Google Reader will be discontinued on July 1,…

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Measuring Digital Media at the Audit Bureau of Circulations

Michael J. Lavery, former president of the Audit Bureau of Circulations talks frankly about paid versus non-paid circulation and the value of print versus and online media impressions. Michael J. Lavery is president and managing director of the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), the world’s first and largest circulation-auditing organization and North America’s preferred circulation…

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Public Relations Measurement with Katie Paine

This a conversations with Katie Delahaye Paine, founder of KDPaine & Partners LLC and publisher of The Measurement Standard, recorded way before social monitoring tools became available. Katie Delahaye Paine is the founder of KDPaine & Partners LLC and publisher of The Measurement Standard and The One-Minute Benchmarking Bulletin. They are newsletters for marketing and…

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