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B2B Marketing Stacks

Disruptive Innovation through End-to-End Solutions

This is a primer for business people. You don’t need to be a techie to get this. In my last post, I explained how businesses are leveraging disruptive technology to outperform their competitors by accelerating the customer journey. In this post, I’ll explain how end to end solutions are used to disrupt markets and help…

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Zoho Grows B2B Lead Generation Software Stack

lead generation crm zoho

As best-of-breed, B2B lead generation CRM software as a service solutions mature, and business users become more reliant in their features and capabilities, supporting the vertical integration of cloud stacks from different providers has become riskier and more challenging. Trading off the breadth and depth of disparate point solutions in exchange for a vertically integrated,…

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I tried integrating Slack and ProWorkFlow with Zapier. And here’s what really happened.

If you’re thinking about integrating Slack with a project management tool like ProWorkFlow using middleware like Zapier, read on. I’m going to save you time and money. It’s easy to see why people get excited about simplifying the software they use at work by integrating different tools. For employees, getting different tools to talk to each other means…

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SAP Manages Change with Online Training Courses [PODCAST]

LISTEN IN THIS EPISODE:  Find out SAP is using eLearning to drive adoption of their latest software products, and why social networks will need better legal chops to stand up to DMCA take down requests from sleazy operations like Ashley Madison NEWS & TRENDS Eric and Paul discuss Ashley Madison’s attempt to use the DMCA to get…

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HOW TO: Keep WordPress Blogs Malware Free

I just sat through a session on WordPress Themes, which might sound like a dull topic, cause frankly it is. But that didn’t stop Sé Reed from making her session engaging, entertaining and adorable. Maybe it’s because of her riff on famous Shakespearean lines for introducing key concepts. The name of the session was “What’s…

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Social Networking Overtaking Email Claim Misleading, Researcher Says

It seems Nielsen had their fingers crossed when they released a report yesterday that claims “Social networks/blogs now 4th most popular online category – ahead of personal e-mail.” Adweek reporter Brian Morrissey ran with it in an article titled “Nielsen: Social Networking Overtakes E-mail in Popularity” which is how I found out about it. But…

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Stop Tweeting and Start Emailing: Why Email Matters More than Twitter

I recently posted that I believe online newsrooms, search engine optimized press releases and email newsletters are more important to organizational communicators than Twitter and Facebook. Not that I believe Twitter and Facebook are unimportant. The Advance Guard just released a white paper on how organizations can leverage Facebook’s new fan page upgrades, and Twitter…

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