Predicting Outcomes via Social Media Monitoring

By Eric Schwartzman | February 22, 2014

I had a chance to interview Dr. Marc Teerlink, Global Strategist & Data Scientist at IBM recently. He’s a fascinating guy, and we spoke about using social media monitoring tools to separate the signal from the noise, how to use past conversations to try and predict the future, why teens are the most difficult audience…

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Big Data Risks and Rewards

By Eric Schwartzman | January 17, 2014

In this podcast, I talk to IBM fellow Jeff Jonas (@JeffJonas) about Ironman Triathlons, how casinos catch card counters, the future of personal privacy and big data analytics.   Jeff’s career is storied and diverse.  He’s built systems to protect the gambling industry from card counters, technology that allows organization’s to collect and analyze personally…

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Putting Social Data in Context

By Eric Schwartzman | December 6, 2013

In this special episode, Big Data enthusiast, working mom, Duke Blue Devil, runner, cook, golfer and karate black belt Inhi Cho Suh (@inhicho), vice president and general manager of Big Data, Integration, & Governance at IBM, talks about the opportunities and risks of Big Data.   Topics discussed:   Why should non-technical business people care…

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Auto Industry Bailout PR at GM

By Eric Schwartzman | February 6, 2012

Handling crisis PR at GM before, during and after US taxpayers rescued the automaker with Jennifer Ecclestone (@jenecclestone), Social Media and Executive Communications for the GM Product and Technology division. Jennifer discusses the automotive industry crisis of 2008-2010, how the US automakers got caught without hybrids when gas prices increased, how US Dept. of Defense…

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PRSA CEO and Chair-Elect Gerard Corbett

By Eric Schwartzman | December 21, 2011

Mr. Gerard Corbett, Incoming Chairman and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America and CEO of Redphlag discusses the benefits of membership in a tough economy, mentoring public relations professionals, the three-legged stool of the job hunt, combating negative stereotype of PR, PRSA’s international ambitions, the Global Alliance for public relations and communications management,…

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Inside the Personal Spaceflight Industry with Peter Diamandis

By Eric Schwartzman | August 22, 2011

Life on Mars, space colonies and inspiring innovation with Peter H. Diamandis (@peterdiamandis) Chairman and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation, a key figure in the development of the personal spaceflight industry. Peter has created many space-related businesses and organizations, including the X PRIZE Foundation, an educational nonprofit prize institute whose mission is “to create radical breakthroughs…

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PRSA Technology Section Chair Rich Teplitsky

By Eric Schwartzman | December 16, 2010

Social media effectiveness and crafting social media policies are based on the unique goals of your communications strategy, says Rich Teplitsky, Technology Section Chair for the Public Relations Society of America and VP at Lois Paul & Partners, a high-tech PR firm based in Boston with a satellite office in Austin. Social media monitoring is challenging…

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PRSA CEO and Chair-Elect Rosanna Fiske

By Eric Schwartzman | November 5, 2010

Meet the new PRSA CEO & Chair-Elect Rosanna Fiske, who joins guest host Sandra Burrowes to discuss how the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) will support PR professionals in 2011. Throughout 2010, PRSA’s strategic planning team canvassed senior-level professionals in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles for their views on the future…

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American Beverage Association President Susan Neely

By Eric Schwartzman | October 14, 2010

Communications strategy and grassroots campaigns are key to the beverage industry’s ability to influence consumer attitudes says Susan Neely, President of the American Beverage Association (ABA). Susan will be part of a panel discussion at the PRSA International Conference in Washington D.C. called “Shaping the Debate: Public Affairs Strategies and the Health Care Reform Bill,”…

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Communications Strategy and Confirmation Bias

By Eric Schwartzman | October 8, 2010

Communicating in status updates and tweets, the skills required to build an effective communications strategy and avoiding the confirmation bias trap with former PRSA CEO Cheryl Procter-Rogers, vice president, office of public relations and communications at DePaul University, America’s largest Catholic university.   Prior to joining DePaul University, Cheryl was on the corporate affairs team…

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