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Blogging for Business: Best Practices for Content Marketing

By Eric Schwartzman | May 6, 2023
content marketing best practices with blogs

Whether you’re a DTC or B2B marketer, blogging has emerged as an indispensable tactic for marketing businesses of all sizes. In content marketing, it’s a mainstay. Blogs can be used to showcase creative content that captivates audiences, fuels B2B content marketing campaigns, and drives organic traffic to websites. But as I have learned over the…

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A Brief History of Podcasting

By Eric Schwartzman | June 13, 2020
history of podcasting

The history of podcasting goes back way before Spotify bought Gimlet Media or Apple started producing original content. Before popular podcasts even existed, a software developer named Dave Winer figured out a way to send an attachment file through an RSS feed. Adam Curry saw it and launched a show called the Daily Source Code,…

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B2B vs B2C SEO: 5 Content Marketing Insights

By Eric Schwartzman | June 8, 2020

If your objective is B2B growth marketing, you need to approach search engine optimization differently. You need a strategy for SEO for B2B. Buying cycles, price, creative content strategy, and whether you’re selling a product or a service all factor into your ability to find the right B2B content marketing company to generate leads for…

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B2B Content Marketing Strategy with Mike Moran

By Eric Schwartzman | June 12, 2015

How do you conduct B2B content marketing when your competitors are already way ahead of you? When the first-mover advantage is gone, what is your content marketing agency’s plan for competitive differentiation and B2B Lead Generation? How do you deliver a B2B content marketing strategy to a client with aggressive, aspirational goals? Paul Gillin and…

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HOW TO: Optimize WordPress for Speed and Scale

By Eric Schwartzman | September 15, 2012

At WordCamp L.A. 2012, Ben Metcalfe, co-founder WP Engine, shared his list of the things you need to do to optimize a WordPress site for speed and scale. If you missed it or weren’t there and didn’t take notes, here it is: Obviously, keep WordPress up to date. Right? Use w3-Total-Cache, WPSuperCache or Bat Cache.…

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Digital Media Engagement with Mark Drapeau

By Eric Schwartzman | February 4, 2010

This is a video excerpt of Mark’s digital media engagement presentation in my master class in Washington, D.C. I will also be released his entire talk as an audio podcast.

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Beyond Text: Podcasts and Vidcasts

By Eric Schwartzman | March 6, 2006

Here’s my opening remarks from a session on podcasting at the New Communications Forum in Palo Alto: My name is Eric Schwartzman, I am the founder and president of iPressroom, a hosted web-based application for digital PR campaigns, and I have the pleasure of moderating this session Beyond Text: Podcasts and Video Blogging. The introduction…

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Benefits of Blogging for Marketing

By Eric Schwartzman | March 4, 2006

Blogs are becoming instrumental in helping marketers and communicators understand and appreciate the benefits of communicating via the web. They are free or low cost and easy to learn. And they’ve made it possible for a generation previously stifled by technology to use the web as a primary means of expression. Some say the blog…

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Owned, Shared and Earned Media Marketing Lessons form Chekov

By Eric Schwartzman | February 23, 2006
owned, earned and shared media

I’ve been thinking about the shift from paid to owned, shared and earned media marketing channels a lot lately. Outbound media symbolizes the old way of doing things. Inbound media is revolutionary. And these new inbound, digitally powered channels have been met with all kinds of resistance. Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard explores a similar…

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Shocking Truth About Collision of Movie and Internet

By Eric Schwartzman | February 20, 2006

I’m blogging this as much for myself as for whoever’s reading. This is a brain spark I have to remember. Appearing on Shoot Out with Variety Editor-in-Chief Peter Bart and film producer Peter Gruber, former Warner Bros. CEO Terry Semel of Yahoo! summed up what I have been asking guests on my podcast for quite…

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