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How To Get Featured in Press Without Hiring a PR Firm

By Eric Schwartzman | April 10, 2020

The news media is influential. Everybody understands the value of press coverage. It’s a great way to drive demand because it’s a neutral, third-party endorsement. And if they’re reporting about it, it must be worth checking out. But if you don’t know how to to write a press release, how to write a media pitch…

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3 Ways to Improve Public Relations Performance in Lean Times

By Eric Schwartzman | April 2, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic will forever change how information workers collaborate. While we’re all working separately from home, our fate as a species has never been more connected. What’s the use of taking extreme measures and imposing a lock down to flatten the curve in one country if a neighboring country does nothing? There’s only one…

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Is Your Startup Ready to Outsource PR?

By Eric Schwartzman | February 28, 2020
digital pr outsourcing to digital nomads requires advanced remote workforce management skills

Startups used to hire public relations practitioners with experience in their industry and relationships with reporters covering their trade. If you were a B2B tech company you wanted a B2B tech PR specialist. If you were in video games, you sought out a video game PR specialist. That’s still true for enterprise clients. But for…

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What Every Start Up Needs to Know Before Hiring PR

By Eric Schwartzman | January 16, 2020

Embryos are tiny and frail. Unfortunately, embryonic businesses get taken advantage of by consultants all too often. If you’re a start-up, an emerging thought leader or a self-published author looking to hire a public relations consultant to promote your company or yourself, I’m going to share with you something that most people won’t. They won’t…

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How To Hire a Public Relations Firm

By Eric Schwartzman | January 10, 2020

This isn’t about what PR firms do, how they work, or what they look for in employees. No. This article is about what type of PR firm to look for when you’re hiring a public relations agency to handle earned media outreach for your organization. So I’m not going to talk about RFPs, marketing budget,…

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Digital Crisis Communications: Litmus Test for Evaluating a Crisis

By Eric Schwartzman | November 9, 2012
Social Media Crisis Communications

When your critics start calling you out on Twitter and Facebook and your social media monitoring tools start turning up all kinds of negative posts on Instagram and Pinterest, your first impulse might be to gather your key stakeholders and move into social media crisis communications mode. But before you assemble your communications team and…

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Future of Press Releases in Digital Age

By Eric Schwartzman | January 21, 2007
social media press release template

I have been asked to moderate a Public Relations Society of America Webinar on The Future of the Press Release. So, I’m reaching out to the Social Media Club and the Society for New Communications Research to weigh in on the issues that matter most to PR firms. Whether or not you’re planning on attending,…

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B2B Public Relations Agency Case Study: Launching Mova with Apple Quicktime Inventor Steve Perlman

By Eric Schwartzman | July 30, 2006

Information technologies have already revolutionized the way organizations communicate and the way people consume media and information. But Hollywood – which started pushing the digital envelope over a decade ago – has been slow to procure any of its major technological advancements. Today, for our client Rearden LLC, public relations agency of record Schwartzman &…

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Automotive Public Relations at Mitsubishi Motors

By Eric Schwartzman | June 23, 2006

This is an exclusive, uncut interview with automotive PR expert Dan Irvin about his experience running public relations and corporate communications at Mitsubishi Motors, some of the challenges of doing PR in the automotive sector, managing their public relations agencies, and how technology has impacted his job. Dan Irvin is the director of corporate communications…

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Ingenious News Media PR Placements – Google Doodles

By Eric Schwartzman | April 16, 2005

What is the best media placement you can possibly earn for your client? It’s not a cover story at nytimes.com, wsj.com, or CNN.com, even though they’re some of the most challenging earned media opportunities out there. It’s a Google Doodle. I’m not talking about paid media, mind you. By media placements, I mean earned media…

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