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PRSA on The Future of the Press Release

I have been asked to moderate a PRSA Teleseminar on The Future of the Press Release on Jan. 30th at 3pm ET.

So I’m reaching out to the Social Media Club and the Society for New Communications Research to weigh in on the issues they think matter most. Whether or not you’re planning on attending, the PRSA is an important industry association representing all of us in the minds of many, and I want to do my best to make sure this teleseminar inclusively and accurately covers this topic, which was the subject of some controversy at the recent third Thursday panel with Shel Holtz, Tom Foremski and Brian Solis in San Francisco, when Stowe Boyd asked why blogs couldn’t just be used as an alternative to the new media press release. Thanks to Shel for taking the time to record and podcast the panel as a special episode of For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report.

As some of you know already, there’s been a good deal of discussion online about how the press release should adapt in the network age. I can remember a time when the press release was created almost exclusively for the news media. obviously, today, they wind up posted to the internet, and made available to stakeholders of all kinds, essentially democratizing the organizational news distribution process.

  • So I’m asking you all, what do the wires need to be doing?
  • Are you happy with the progress that has been made to date?
  • Is the New Media Release being adopted appropriately?
  • What directions would you like to see the wires moving in?

We’ve seen a straw man for a “social media press release [PDF]” from SHIFT Communications, the rise of sophistication in the use of search engine optimized press release demonstrating how PR can directly drive revenue and the paid newswire services establish partnerships with social media start-ups like delicious and technorati to help make it easier for people to find news and information that may be genuinely interesting to them via the web.

To talk about where we are today, we’ve assembled a panel of distribution experts: Sarah Skerik, vice president, Distribution Services, PR Newswire; Greg Jarboe, president and co-founder, SEO-PR; Paolina Milana, vice president, Marketing & Media Relations, Market Wire; Laura Sturaitis, vice president of Business Wire.

I’ll be checking in with Chris Heuer about this early next week, and am still trying to get in touch with Todd Defren to see what suggestions they may have as well.

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