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Eric Schwartzman


I'm an earned media and growth marketing advisor.  I'm also a best selling author, international keynote speaker, trainer, mentor and coach.

I help organizations develop their key messages, go-to-media strategies and win third party endorsements through media relations mentoring.

I also specify, scope and implement business strategies and technology solutions that bypass limitations and trigger lightning fast growth.

I’m a Los Angeles native with 30-years experience disrupting B2B markets and challenging incumbents through innovative sales enablement programs, full-lifecycle digital product development, as well as public relations, promotions, training and organizational development programs.

I founded iPRSoftware (formerly iPressroom), the first SaaS digital communications platform for marketing and corporate communications professionals.

I developed a digital elearning certification training course library that serves 300,000 students in 201 countries and have chaired conferences and led user on-boarding events for thousands of people all over the world.

I led the Center for Digital Innovation at a $1B B2B manufacturer, where I led revenue growth in their ecommerce division, lifting annual gross sales 300%.


Areas of expertise:

  • sales enablement
  • marketing ops
  • sales ops
  • lead generation
  • sales automation
  • marketing automation
  • pipeline management
  • demand generation
  • conversion optimization
  • global business development
  • multi-disciplinary team leadership
  • quiet-period communications
  • government relations
  • industry relations
  • analyst relations
  • media relations