Online Training, Webinar & Seminar Leader

I deliver professional development and user training online and onsite

If can't press the flesh, you must reassess. We're in a digital engagement first world!

COVID-19 has accelerated teleconferencing adoption.

I help clients produce lead gen webinars and customer success events that drive deal flow and increase retention.

Customer Success Webinars

Unless your customers are using your software regularly, your service isn't essential.

And when budgets tightened, non-essential services are the first ones to go, and your customers churn.

So if you want your clients to keep paying for your solution, product utilization is the key.

Why Me?

I have 20 years experience developing and leading professional development training seminars for entry-level, mid-level and c-suite professionals.

I've done it for a variety of industries, federal government agencies and military commands.

And I've led 2 and 3-day training sessions in the classroom and the cloud.

I specialize in teaching nontechnical users how to use the latest inline tools and services.

I've led trainings for the US Dept. of State, Singapore Ministry of Information, Yamaha, Bombardier, National Rural Electrical Cooperative and many others.

Increase SaaS utilization through fun, informative and useful training sessions that engage and inspire attendees to effectively leverage your solution.


Customer Success Webinars


On Demand eLearning


Live Training & Events


Betty McNerney

I have attended many workshops and seminars in my 26-year career as a communications professional and I must say that Eric is perhaps the best instructor, teacher, strategic thinker I've encountered period.

Betty McNerney

Senior Director of Communications, Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Michael Kroll

Eric’s 2-day training at Toyota USA demystified social media for our organization and gave us the momentum and confidence to move forward into this brave new world. In addition to being a subject matter expert, Eric is a skilled practitioner who understands (from experience) how to leverage new media communication channels for maximum message reach and impact.

Michael Kroll

Strategic Planning Manager at Toyota USA
Cam McAlpine-APR

Eric's Social Media for PR Boot Camp was the best professional development training I have ever taken. Period.

Cam McAlpine, APR

Principal at Earnscliffe Strategy Group

I've always benefited greatly from Eric’s input, not only as a great trainer, but also as someone who knows how to use complex data analytic platforms for strategic communications. I continue to reach out to him when I have new questions and I always walk away better informed.

Don Kilburg, Ph.D.

Spokesperson for Energy Resources, U.S. State Department
Francesca Concina

Eric has been one of the most important professional instructor I had the pleasure to meet, as he has significantly changed how I view my career.

Francesca Concina

Senior Partner at IPR Srls in Milan, Italy
Veronica Cassidy Barry

I recently had the pleasure of spending two days with Eric Schwartzman. His seminar covered many topics in a short time, and made it possible for my office to implement immediate changes that improved our capabilities. Eric had an amazing ability to deliver content for managers with diverse backgrounds from recreation to education and government.I am grateful to him for sharing his expertise and inspiring me.

Veronica Cassidy Barry

Director of Industry Outreach at United States Merchant Marine Academy
Jeff Hawley

Eric did a great job at crafting and presenting a custom Digital Media Risk & Performance training seminar at Yamaha Corporation of America. Eric made a great effort to target the training content to the needs of Yamaha and partnered with our team in designing the course to ensure that it drove real results. Great work and highly recommended.

Jeff Hawley

Marketing Director at Yamaha Music
Valérie Bridger

Eric's two-day seminar provided my team with tons of relevant, useful information. We now have a much more global portrait of the social media world. With the information imparted, we can market online efficiently, minimize lost time and resources and get real benefits from what was a strange and complicated beast.

Valérie Bridger

Senior Communication Advisor at BRP

Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their gratefulness to the U.S. Embassy to Kuala Lumpur for bringing Eric out to provide much needed digital transformation training.

Scott Rauland

Senior State Department Advisor at the U.S. Helsinki Commission
Sunshine Makarow, MBA

I recently attended a social media boot camp led by Eric Schwartzman, and I was blown away – quite honestly the best seminar I have attended on any subject matter! Eric not only provided the background to talk the talk, but the hands-on tools to walk the walk. If you are looking for a great source of education and inspiration for social media you can’t go wrong.

Sunshine Makarow

Sr. Market Development Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Customer Success Webinars

How can I provide your customers with fun, insigthful on boarding and product training programs that reinforce customer success?

"I can count on Eric to delivery great webinars."


On Demand eLearning

Custom eLearning Programs

Need self-paced online courses or a certification program for onboarding new users and employees?

On Demand eLearning

elearning image-sq

Eric has led nearly two hundred seminars for clients and conference organizers all over the world and produced dozens of custom elearning courses as well.

He is known for taking attendees beyond just the "why" and into the "how" through step-by-step, live demonstrations and tutorials to on-board users faster to new systems, reinforcing customer success.

Past courses include self-paced modules on digital compliance, healthcare compliance, financial compliance and social media policy development.

Custom Elearning On Demand

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On-demand training course library overview demo.

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HIPAA compliance training course demo.

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Benefits of elearning over classroom training.

Eric Schwartzman produces on-demand and virtual instructor-led training courses

Privacy awareness course demo.

Assessment & Certification

Hire a SaaS software veteran and expert online trainer to support your customer success and LD&O needs

Live Training & User Events

Promote Customer Success through Training

Eric Schwartzman has more than 10 years experience leading professional development training seminars for a variety of audiences including the US Dept. of State, Singapore Ministry of Health, Yamaha, Bombardier, National Rural Electrical Cooperative and many others on maximizing the value of subscription-based online tools and services.

Present Live Demos & Tutorials

Eric has led hundreds seminars for clients and conference organizers all over the world on migrating conventional workflows over to best-of-breed software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. He is known for explaining not just "why" a digital solution make sense, but presenting live demos on "how" to apply online tools and leading step-by-step tutorials to on-board new users as well.

Hire a SaaS Founder to lead live trainings at your next event

What People Say About Eric’s Seminars

Execs from Red Hat, State of Alaska, Pioneer Natural Resources, World Vision Special Projects, and others discuss workshops led by Eric Schwartzman

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