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Digital transformation advisor and <a href="">digital marketing consultant</a> Eric Schwartzman

SEO Consulting Services

  • Brand Search Optimization
  • Thought Leader Search Optimization
  • News Search Optimization
  • Podcast Search Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Mobile Search Optimization
  • Image Search Optimization
  • Video Search Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Performance Optimization
  • On-Page SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Website Audits
  • Link Building

Ross Halleck

Halleck Vineyard

Eric grew our online presence over 1000% in under 12 months.


Vanessa Yanez

PRSA Silicon Valley President

Eric presented a riveting keynote about pivoting to digital marketing.


Alex Hyde-White

Punch Audio

Eric got us ranking on page one of Google organic search results in less than 90 days.


Constance Hubbell

The Hubbell Group

Eric is a real expert. If you have the privilege of hiring him, you are truly fortunate.


Jodi Bressler

U.S. Foreign Service

We had many colleagues from other Embassies across Europe who said they wished they could have had the whole day with him. That is how useful and enjoyable his presentations and interactive training has been for us.


Cynthia Caramico


"Eric delivered a strong presentation in a short period of time and was able to convey a sometimes overwhelming topic into a simple one."


Michael Kroll


In addition to being a subject matter expert, Eric is a skilled practitioner who understands (from experience) how to leverage new media communication channels for maximum message reach and impact.


Lonnie Hodnett

Sentry Sports Lighting

Eric got us a page one ranking on Google. He is a master digital marketer.


Don Kilburg, Ph.D.

US Dept. of State

“I've always benefited greatly from his input, not only as a great trainer, but also as someone who knows how to use complex data analytic platforms for strategic communications.”


Betty McNerney

Michigan Chamber of Commerce

"Eric is perhaps the best instructor, teacher, strategic thinker I've encountered period."


Hans Schulz

Inter America Development Bank

"Eric honed in our competitive advantages and provided constructive suggestions for building capacity and converting digital media activities into business growth."


Stacy Knott


"We implemented his tips and are seeing amazing results!"


Colleen Seaver

Public Relations Society of America

Eric can take a digital immigrant who barely understands email & have them walk away with a strategic plan.


Billy Howard

Howard Industries

I'm floored by Eric's ability to generated qualified leads online. He delivered 300% growth!

SEO Case Study


Sentry Sports Lighting needed a new website. The cleint had no website and zero search visibility in a B2B marketplace with established brands competing to generate leads. My job was to assess the situation and establish a web presence for the search engine friendly brand.


Using a custom keyword theme I created, the client hired I web designer who worked under my supervision to build a new site that we launched in April 2016. I wrote all the web copy, oversaw the designer, and instituted a fully outsourced content marketing program.


Sentry Sports Lighting is currently ranking for 137 high commercial intent keywords 137 that are searched daily by customers actively looking for sports lighting fixtures to illuminate their facilities. Twenty-five of those keywords are ranking on PAGE ONE one of Google search results.


If you were to buy that traffic through Google Ads, it would cost you $9,481.70 per month or $113,780.40 per year.  I optimized this website in 2016 and haven't touched it since then!  Check out the complete Search Visibility Report. From 2017 thru 2020 I delivered $341,341.20 in value.

SEO consulting case study Sentry Sports Lighting

What is SEO Consulting?

Learn how search engine optimization consulting works

I help you rank high in organic search results when people Google for solutions to problems that your products or services solve.

These people don't know you exist. They are searching unbranded terms like "russian river pinot noir", "music licensing" or "appointment setting software."

I give you the knowledge, training, guidance, and support to rank on page one in Google natural (not paid) search results for commercially smart phrases with high purchase intent.

The process of search engine optimization involves evaluating the performance of your website, setting up measurement tools, researching your ideal customer profile and the keywords they search, developing a competitive strategy, on and off-page optimization, link building, technical SEO, site performance optimization, and content marketing.

Search engine optimization refers to elevating your search ranking in Google's natural search results.

Search engine marketing refers to bidding on keywords for ads to show up above Google search results.

Just as we trust editorial content more than ads, less than 10% of all clicks go to ads. Most clicks go to Google's organic, algorithmic search results.

SEO refers to getting your site to rank in natural search results.

SEO and SEM are both effective lead generation channels.

The difference is with SEM, once you stop paying, it stops working.

But with SEO, once you start ranking in natural search for the right keywords, you can generate qualified traffic indefinitely for free.

Google's search algorithm is not immediate. It does take time for content to get indexed, percolate, and start ranking.

The best explanation I've heard on this is from Andy Crestodina who says advertising is like rowing. The harder you row, the faster you go.

SEO is like sailing. It takes more effort to get the sails trimmed just right, but once you do you can relax and travel the world for free.

Ecommerce companies pay website optimisation consultants millions to search optimization their websites. But that money is spent on human resources to do the work of search engine optimizing your website.

Outsourcing is expensive and risky because there are no guarantees. I advise developing SEO skills in-house so you're not reliant on a third party to generate income.

Organic website traffic is highly qualified because the person is actively searching for answers.

I work with clients as an SEO trainer, facilitator, and coach on a 1-on-1 or one to many basis. I provide search engine consulting on a project basis.

Contact me for more information.

If you need help with more than just search optimization, I also include SEO consulting as part of my Digital Pivot Program.

SEO is a lucrative skill that can learn on your own through experience.

Check out my free online SEO training courses which cover all the basics and will get you on your way to search engine optimizing your website yourself.

Grow Your Revenue through SEO Consulting

Search engine optimization consultant Eric Schwartzman leads search engine optimization strategy initiatives for client form all industries.
Search engine optimization consultant Eric Schwartzman leads search engine optimization strategy initiatives for client form all industries.

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