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SEO Training Deep Dive with Lee Odden


CEO of TopRank Online Marketing Lee Odden provides a free SEO training in this exclusive podcast.  

This PR podcast was recorded at the Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Philadelphia.  

Lee Odden is CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a leading Internet marketing agency that specializes in helping companies improve sales and brand visibility online. 

Based in Minneapolis, TopRank has been recognized as a leading search engine optimization firm by TopSEOs.com and PromotionWorld and has been included in Marketing Sherpa’s guide to SEO firms for the past 3 years. 

An internet marketing veteran and recognized expert on search and blog marketing, Mr. Odden is executive editor of MarketingBlog.com. 

He is a regular contributor to industry leading publications including BusinessBlogConsulting.com, WebProNews and Search Engine Guide.  

Show Notes:  

3:16 – Odden gives examples of the benefits of SEO.  

4:07 – Odden on the role of SEO in a media relations.  

5:52 – Odden on the search engine optimized press release.  

7:00 – Odden on keyword placement within a press release to secure an optimal search rank.  

7:58 – Odden on the usefulness of mentioning competitors in press releases to increase page rank.  

8:50 – Odden on the impact of media data for search rank.  

9:56 – Odden on developing separate press releases SEO and media relations.  

11:55 – Odden reveals the strategy for managing a client’s reputation by placing positive content as the primary link on a search rank.  

13:50 – Odden on the ethical considerations of using inbound links to determine page rank.  

15:54 – Odden on Google’s shortcomings.  

17:50 – Odden on recommending SEO to clients more interested in traditional public relations.  

19:27 – Odden on developing an SEO marketing strategy to increase client visibility.  

20:15 – Odden on why his PR strategy appeals to clients.  

21:18 – Odden shares his single, biggest SEO mistake.  

22:13 – Odden on his single, greatest SEO accomplishment.  

23:09 – Odden on the challenges of learning to SEO content.  

25:10 – End

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Download the Report

State of Traditional & Social Media Monitoring

  • Beyond AI hype; state of sentiment analysis
  • Overcoming media monitoring challenge
  • Features comparison grid
  • How to monitor the business impact of PR
  • Getting strategic intelligence from media monitoring
  • And much, much more

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