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Download the 2020 REPORT

Start-Up's Guide to Hiring PR

In this report:

  • How to get news media coverage
  • Understanding influencer relations
  • PR for qualified lead generation
  • How to avoid agency-client conflicts
  • Right types of agencies for start-ups
  • Hybrid PR staffing models

Start-Up's Guide to Hiring PR

Maximize your PR investment!

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Growth Stage PR

Start ups face unique PR staffing challenges.

Just as infants, toddlers and teens have different needs, so do start-upschange-ups and scale-ups.

Learn how those needs change as your company matures.

Download the 2020 Start Up's Guide to Hiring Public Relations

Hierarchy of PR Needs

Start-Up's Guide to Hiring PR

Knowledge is power. Learn the PR agency hiring game before you start shopping.

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Secrets of Successful PR


  • How to generate news media coverage
  • How to hire the right PR person or agency
  • Conflicts of interest in all agency-client relationships
  • Hybrid staffing alternatives to outsourcing
  • Evaluating go-to-media strategies