Eric Schwartzman-m

Strategic Communications • Influencer Engagement • Content Marketing • SEO • Marketing Automation • Business Analyst • Change Management

Digital Innovation Advisor

  • 20-years experience
  • B2B digital innovator
  • SaaS founder
  • Distance learning pioneer
  • Social media boot camp creator
  • Digital compliance advisor
  • Best selling author
  • Seminar leader

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Constance Hubbell

The Hubbell Group

Eric is a real expert. If you have the privilege of hiring him, you are truly fortunate.


Jodi Bressler

U.S. Foreign Service

We had many colleagues from other Embassies across Europe who said they wished they could have had the whole day with him. That is how useful and enjoyable his presentations and interactive training has been for us.


Cynthia Caramico


"Eric delivered a strong presentation in a short period of time and was able to convey a sometimes overwhelming topic into a simple one."


Michael Kroll


In addition to being a subject matter expert, Eric is a skilled practitioner who understands (from experience) how to leverage new media communication channels for maximum message reach and impact.


Lonnie Hodnett

Sentry Sports Lighting

Eric got us a page one ranking on Google. He is a master digital marketer.


Don Kilburg, Ph.D.

US Dept. of State

“I've always benefited greatly from his input, not only as a great trainer, but also as someone who knows how to use complex data analytic platforms for strategic communications.”


Betty McNerney

Michigan Chamber of Commerce

"Eric is perhaps the best instructor, teacher, strategic thinker I've encountered period."


Hans Schulz

Inter America Development Bank

"Eric honed in our competitive advantages and provided constructive suggestions for building capacity and converting digital media activities into business growth."


Stacy Knott


"We implemented his tips and are seeing amazing results!"


Colleen Seaver

Public Relations Society of America

Eric can take a digital immigrant who barely understands email & have them walk away with a strategic plan.


Billy Howard

Howard Industries

I'm floored by Eric's ability to generated qualified leads online. He delivered 300% growth!

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Eric Schwartzman

Digital Transformation Advisor

I'm a native Los Angeleno, husband, father, and tennis fan with 20-years experience ramping online sales and, market positioning for clients including Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, the United States Marine Corps, and thousands of SMBs.

I help individuals and organizations grow revenue by pivoting to digital. I have over 384,000 online students, wrote the first book on B2B digital marketing, and founded and sold a successful SaaS startup.

Rafa bombed at the BNP Paribas Tournament at Indian Wells in Palm Springs, California.
Rafa bombed at the BNP Paribas Tournament at Indian Wells in Palm Springs, California.

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