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Digital Marketing Advisor

Well hello there. I'm a digital marketing advisor with 20-years experience in internet marketing, web marketing, and online marketing. Nice to meet you.

My clients include:

  • Boeing
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Lucasfilm
  • The Olympics
  • Toyota
  • US Dept. of State
  • and many others

I'm also a digital marketing keynote speaker and the digital marketing coach behind a library of top-rated online digital marketing training courses that help more than 400k enrollees generate demand, leads, and revenue.

I'm also the award-winning producer behind two podcasts, which are The Earned Media Podcast and the B2B Lead Gen Podcast

Clients say...


Constance Hubbell

The Hubbell Group

Eric is a real expert. If you have the privilege of hiring him, you are truly fortunate.


Jodi Bressler

U.S. Foreign Service

We had many colleagues from other Embassies across Europe who said they wished they could have had the whole day with him. That is how useful and enjoyable his presentations and interactive training has been for us.


Cynthia Caramico


"Eric delivered a strong presentation in a short period of time and was able to convey a sometimes overwhelming topic into a simple one."


Michael Kroll


In addition to being a subject matter expert, Eric is a skilled practitioner who understands (from experience) how to leverage new media communication channels for maximum message reach and impact.


Lonnie Hodnett

Sentry Sports Lighting

Eric got us a page one ranking on Google. He is a master digital marketer.


Don Kilburg, Ph.D.

US Dept. of State

“I've always benefited greatly from his input, not only as a great trainer, but also as someone who knows how to use complex data analytic platforms for strategic communications.”


Betty McNerney

Michigan Chamber of Commerce

"Eric is perhaps the best instructor, teacher, strategic thinker I've encountered period."


Hans Schulz

Inter America Development Bank

"Eric honed in our competitive advantages and provided constructive suggestions for building capacity and converting digital media activities into business growth."


Stacy Knott


"We implemented his tips and are seeing amazing results!"


Colleen Seaver

Public Relations Society of America

Eric can take a digital immigrant who barely understands email & have them walk away with a strategic plan.


Billy Howard

Howard Industries

I'm floored by Eric's ability to generated qualified leads online. He delivered 300% growth!

Digital Pivot Advisory Programs

Grow your online business 2-5x in 6 to 12 months by activating my proprietary 4-Step Digital Pivot Framework. Implement owned, shared, earned, and paid media digital marketing programs. Drive traffic, generate leads, build your online authority, get featured on top websites, and convert leads to revenue.

Click any of the 4 media channels below to explore the programs:

Speaker / Faciliator / Trainer / Coach

Digital Marketing Advisory Services

Digital marketing is now central to all marketing. If customers can't find you when they search for answers to questions your products solve, then as far as they're concerned, you don't exist. If your website is tired and clunky, the takeaway is that you're a dinosaur. And if you site's out of date, that means your business processes probably are too. Every digital customer touchpoint should make it easy for people to do business with you. As a digital marketing coach, I help you anticipate what your visitors want. That way you can convert more traffic into leads, and more leads into revenue. My Digital Pivot Program helps clients grow their revenue 2-5x in 6-12 months.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I am a best-selling author, SEO consultant, B2B digital marketing expert, and Google certified professional. I am dedicated to getting clients up to speed, so they can manage their own search engine optimization programs. For many businesses today, SEO is their primary source of revenue. My belief is outsourcing your primary source of revenue to a consultant is a bad idea. Instead, through a structured approach that takes clients through the SEO process, I teach clients how to boost and maintain their search rankings themselves. My Owned Media Pivot Program gives you the guidance you need to optimize your website and start generating leads in just 12 weeks.

Social Media Marketing Services

There are a lot of self-proclaimed social media influencers out there. That's not me. I have 20-years of social media marketing experience. I've led initiatives at Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, LucasFilm, Toyota, the US Dept. of State, and the United States Marine Corps, to name a few. I specialize in helping you integrate social media marketing into your campaigns to achieve measurable KPIs. Conversations on social networks move in real-time, which makes outsourcing social media account challenging. My Social Media Pivot Program gives you the expert guidance you need to get more followers and build a community in just 12 weeks.

Content Marketing

Every company has a website, which means every company is in the media business. Because a website is digital media. But not everyone has the chops to create compelling content that lures the right traffic to their website. I teach, facilitate, and coach clients in the development of content marketing programs based on sound strategic principles. I also connect clients with freelance resources they manage directly to take ownership of their content marketing efforts. Content marketing has become too important to outsource. I help you develop a competitive strategy, standard operating procedures, and find freelancers to help you get the job done. 

Web Development Services

I have scoped and specified websites, mobile apps and major network migrations. As a business analyst, I am an expert at requirements gathering and fluent in Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). To mitigate the risk of failure, I help clients determine what they need their digital systems to do before they build them. I have extensive experience overseeing the deployment and integration of CRM, ERP, CMS, WordPress, marketing automation, sales enablement, customer service, and ecommerce solutions. Contact me to learn more about my Web Development Advisory Services.

Conversion Optimization

 I help you get the measurement tools in place to boost conversions by showing you what works and what doesn't. I help you eliminate the guesswork by giving you hard data on where your best traffic comes from and show you why it converts. By teaching you what metrics matter most and why, I give you insight into what you need to do to accelerate revenue growth. My conversion optimization services include setting up and verifying the accuracy of your measurement tools. At a minimum, I configure web usage analytics, search engine visibility, and user experience analytics platforms. 

Eric Schwartzman

Digital Marketing Consultant

I'm a native Los Angeleno, husband, father, and tennis fan. As a digital marketing consultant, I have 20-years of experience. Clients include Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, the United States Marine Corps, and thousands of SMBs.

As a consultant, I train, facilitate, and coach individuals and organizations to grow revenue by pivoting to innovative online and internet marketing initiatives. I have over 400,000 online students. I wrote the first book on B2B digital marketing. And founded and sold a successful digital marketing SaaS startup.

Digital Marketing Consultant Eric Schwartzman at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden
Rafa bombed at the BNP Paribas Tournament at Indian Wells in Palm Springs, California.

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