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B2B Lead Generation

Lead Generation Guide for B2B Marketers

Lead Qualification Framework by Eric Schwartzman

If you’re preparing to climb the revenue growth mountain, the length of your ascent will depend largely on who you’re selling to and where you’re starting out from. If your sales team in focused on a target audience, you’re going to want to give your reps an easy, repeatable way to personalize and tailor sales…

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How Sales Reps Become Trusted Advisors

Seventy percent of B2B buyers wait until after they have defined their needs before engaging a salesperson. By that time, most buyers have established a preferred vendor relationships as well, which is why getting in front of the right crowd to build relationships with prospects early and often is so important. B2B buyers avoid sellers…

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To Align and Drive Revenue, Jam Often and Hit Hard

In business, the concept of alignment strategy is about breaking down silos inside organizations and establishing cross-functional workflows without inhibiting anyone’s domain expertise. “It’s often straightforward to identify a strategy needed to achieve a goal, but what trips up companies is figuring out how to execute the strategy once identified,” saws Cal Newport in his…

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B2B Lead Generation: Align Sales and Marketing Early

In a finite market with a limited number of customers, building relationships with prospects early and often is the smartest approach to B2B lead generation. And your sales people, not marketers, should be cementing those relationships. It’s doesn’t matter that they’re not ready to buy. If they’re a target account, don’t let your desire to…

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B2B Events Mobile Marketing Business Requirements Checklist

B2B Events mobile apps

The killer app for marketing B2B events is nothing less than a mobile app. Attendees are already using mobile apps to network digitally at conferences and trade shows so why not make mobile part of your digital marketing strategy at B2B events and transform your events into connected communities, that drive business outcomes? Mobile B2B Event…

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B2B Event Marketing Ideas for Live Events

B2B event marketing

These B2B event marketing ideas, compiled from a one day workshop I led at the Event Marketing Summit in Chicago, are great ways to leverage digital media to build community online and generate leads. Professionals with common interests and goals regularly invest time and money to attend business-to-business events where they can network with others…

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Google Instant: 1st Impressions from Hollywood

Michael Rice, SVP Digital at McCann Erickson Los Angeles, Adrian Sexton, CEO at New Medici, Yacine Baroudi CEO at FasTake and David Bloom, Principal at Words & Deeds share their first impressions on Google Instant at the iHollywood Forum Panel on Social Media for Brands. Special thanks to Erik Deutsch for his help.

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B2B Lead Generation on SlideShare with CEO Rashmi Sinha

B2B lead generation is the #1 activity on SlideShare, according to the company’s CEO Rashmi Sinha who I spoke with about the branded channels on their B2B lead generation platform and more. B2B sales cycles are much longer those of B2C, because the former requires a purchasing committee be walked through a sales process, learn…

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