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Social Media Policy Analysis: FDA Revises Social Media Policy

By Eric Schwartzman | December 4, 2015
Social Media Policy Released by FDA

Social Media Policy Analysis The New FDA Social Media Policy [PDF] is unlikely to achieve its stated purpose of encouraging “…the use of school media technologies to enhance communications.” Developing a social media policy for employees is tough business. Anyone who’s done it will tell you. If you want to save yourself a ton of time, start…

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How Social Media Policy Guidelines Stifle Innovation

By Eric Schwartzman | January 17, 2015
social media policy guidelines

Is free speech critical to innovation, or is it okay to tell employees what they can and can’t say in your organization’s social media policy guidelines? It’s the questions I’m asking myself right now. I’m thinking my Social Media Policy Template and Social Media Policy Development Training Course may be in need of an update?…

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Balancing Social Media Policies against Digital Marketing Strategy

By Eric Schwartzman | June 21, 2013
social media policies

Social media policies aren’t typically the first thing that comes to mind when you’re masterminding a social media marketing strategy. But it should be. And here’s why. Without social media policies that encourage employee advocacy, any earned or owned digital marketing strategy is unsustainable. On social networks, reach is a function of engagement. Without engagement,…

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Social Media Policy Tip: Encourage Employee Advocacy

By Eric Schwartzman | December 28, 2011
social media policy tips

This social media policy tip says when you’re developing a social media guidelines, it’s a good idea to use language that makes it safe for employees to use their personal accounts to drive engagement. Consider this in tandem with lost productivity concerns and security risks. A lawsuit filed by against Noah Kravitz for “misappropriation…

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Fighting Digital Illiteracy with Social Media Policies at Work

By Eric Schwartzman | May 31, 2011
social media policies at work

Social media policies at work are a critical component of winning the war against digital illiteracy? But the first step is the toughest one. And it’s also the most important. Provide employees with clear-cut, easy-to-follow guidelines to help them distinguish between conversations that can happen in public, and conversations that need to be kept private.…

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Fighting Digital Illiteracy with Social Media Governance Policies

By Eric Schwartzman | May 24, 2011

As psyched we all are about the benefits of integrating social media into marketing, PR and organizational communication, it seems we’re all still learning how to implement social media governance polices that effectively redefine information discovery and reputation management. Despite the wide spread adoption of social media on a global basis, most companies remain unsure…

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Is Your Social Media Policy Unconstitutional?

By Eric Schwartzman | April 12, 2011

If your social media policy restricts employees from criticizing your company on social media, you definitely need to read this. And you need to read it carefully. Because it could save you a lot of money, and a lot of aggravation. According to a story by Steve Greenhouse (@greenhousenyt) of the New York Times, the…

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Marine Corps Social Media Policy Development- Case Study

By Eric Schwartzman | November 15, 2010
military social media rules

The making of the Marine Corps Social Media Policy was as political as it was practical. To integrate shared social media into wartime communications, the US Department of Defense made a public decision to relax their military social media rules and prohibit command from blocking access to social media indefinitely on their nonclassified network. For…

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New Social Media Policy Template Available

By Eric Schwartzman | April 27, 2010

Corporate Social Media Policy Template Released

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7 Social Media Policy Tips

By Eric Schwartzman | April 20, 2010
by Intersection Consulting

Online communications channels have become intricately interwoven into our social fabric. The overwhelming majority of young people use Facebook regularly and adoption among older audiences continues to rise. Just as we use the telephone and e-mail to communicate with our colleagues, friends and family, people of all ages are increasingly using social media to communicate…

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