Internet Marketing Deep Dive with BL Ochman [Podcast]


Blogger BL Ochman goes On the Record… Online.

BL Ochman, creator of the What’s Next Blog, goes On the Record…Online with host Eric Schwartzman to discuss the innovative “Up Your Budget” marketing campaign, corporate blogging as a tool for marketing, and the fate of the traditional press release in the age of the new media.

BL Ochman is a corporate blog strategist, internet and outernet marketing conduit, and sought-after corporate speaker that also heads the creative team of

Her internet marketing successes include internet strategy consultation for Ford Motors, internet public relations consultation to IBM; concept, copy and marketing strategy for Biomerica, Inc. (NASDAQ:BMRA) and internet marketing strategy consultation to Thomas Register.

Digital Marketing Topics:

5:14 – BL Ochman talks about the fate of the traditional press release.
6:32 – Ochman on how to determine if companies should use blogs to advertise.
7:39 – Ochman discusses the advice she gave Budget Rent A Car System, Inc. on blogging including, “Let’s do something fun.”
9:02 – Ochman talks about the objectives of the “Up Your Budget” new media marketing campaign.
10:30 – Ochman discusses the specifics of the campaign and the online community the blog created.
14:18 – Ochman on using blogs for internet advertising.
16:07 – Ochman on conventional marketing.
17:11 – Ochman talks about working with Budget and the costs of the promotion.
18:04 – Ochman’s views on companies engaging in blog marketing.
20:43 – Ochman talks about McDonald’s new blog on social responsibility.
22:33 – Ochman on who should author corporate blogs.
23:28 – Ochman talks about how companies can learn how to blog.
24:16 – Ochman discusses her position on moderating comments on blogs.
24:59 – Ochman on The Washington Post’s decision to remove its blog.
25:23 – Ochman talks about the challenges media companies face when opening up digital conversations on blogs.
26:37 -Ochman explains what trackbacks are and the reasons people trackback.
28:04 – Ochman on what caused her to become a blogger and create the What’s Next Blog: “It was just a natural evolution for me to be blogging.”

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