Big Data Risks and Rewards


In this podcast, I talk to IBM fellow Jeff Jonas (@JeffJonas) about Ironman Triathlons, how casinos catch card counters, the future of personal privacy and big data analytics.  

Jeff’s career is storied and diverse. 

He’s built systems to protect the gambling industry from card counters, technology that allows organization’s to collect and analyze personally identifiable information without invading personal privacy and ways to make sense of data as it happens.  

In this exclusive interview, sponsored by IBM, Jeff talks about:

  • Pulling useful business intelligence from big data
  • Comparing data points
  • Why big data improves the accuracy of predictions
  • Helping casino operators bring down the MIT Blackjack Team with data
  • The value of automated trading algorithms to Goldman Sachs
  • How Watson uses contradictory information to eliminate false positives
  • Shortcomings of pulling meaningful KPIs from social media monitoring services and sentiment analytics alone
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Why insufficient an observation space leads to fantasy analytics
  • Future of secrets and the importance of corporate training and business process improvement.    

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