Communications Strategy and Confirmation Bias


Communicating in status updates and tweets, the skills required to build an effective communications strategy and avoiding the confirmation bias trap with former PRSA CEO Cheryl Procter-Rogers, vice president, office of public relations and communications at DePaul University, America’s largest Catholic university.  

Prior to joining DePaul University, Cheryl was on the corporate affairs team at HBO and before that, she was director of public relations and advertising at Nielsen Media Research.  

She presented “A Winning Approach to Advocacy Campaigns” at the upcoming PRSA International Conference in Washington DC.

Why Is Diversity Important?

2:15 – An effective communications strategy hinges on five key communications skills.

3:19 – Balancing a successful business career with a healthy home life.

4:17 — The benefits of knowing who and where your resources are.       

6:39 — Tips for achieving work-life balance and the organizational systems that can help.

8:18 — Can chess help you become a master of communications strategy?

10:21 – The 4 Cs of successful career development and the benefits of improving your listening skills.

12:52 — She introduces the concept of confirmation bias and why understanding diversity is a prudent business strategy.

15:19 — End 

These podcast show notes were written and optimized by Sandra Burrowes, Senior Public Affairs Specialist at Mayo Clinic.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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