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Life After Google Reader with Netvibes [PODCAST]

Netvibes Google Reader

This is a step-by-step guide is available for migrating your RSS reader feeds from Google Reader to Netvibes.

This post is a summary of a podcast I had with Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini (@freddymini) who told me why a social media monitoring tool without real time integrated social media analytics is a hammer without a nail.

Most of the Google Reader alternatives out there are focused on giving users social filters to discover the best content. But Netvibes has been there and done that. They’re more interested in helping users finding meaning through context.

The good news is, Netvibes will give you their news reader for free.

But if you want their analytics, you’ll have to pay. They are a business, after all, with a revenue model.

But their free version is ad free, has been around for nearly 8 years and since it’s the center point of their freemium sales model, the company says they have no plans to lay it to rest.

Netvibes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes and you can add feeds and use it to aggregate blog posts and RSS feeds.

Check out my free online social media monitoring course which covers Netvibes, Recorded Future, Feedly and Traackr.

I also wrote a feature comparing Feedly to Netvibes for Venture Beat as well.

And it’s currently being updated. So I’m intently studying the major Google Reader alternatives to determine which ones to include in my course revision.

Here’s my conversation with Cyril Moutran of Feedly last week and I’m talking to Jeffrey Cohen about Salesforce Marketing Cloud for next week’s show.

What other Google Reader alternatives should I be looking at?

Social Media Monitoring Topics Discussed:

  • Feedly vs. Netvibes, feature by feature
  • Netvibes free vs. premium versions
  • Netvibes biggest advantage over Feedly
  • Twitter API 1.1, which impose limits on all free monitoring tools
  • New users acquired since Google killed Reader
  • Why it’s too soon to compare Netvibes to Feedly
  • Why Netvibes covets analysis over engagement
  • Evolution of Netvibes, from information overload to crowdsourcing to semantics
  • Using monitoring analytics to trigger dark PPC campaigns
  • Om Malik and finding the soul of big data

You can see some prebuilt premium Netvibes social media monitoring dashboards in action here.

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