Digital Media Analytics at the Audit Bureau of Circulations


Michael J. Lavery, former president of the Audit Bureau of Circulations, talks frankly about paid versus non-paid circulation and the value of print versus online media impressions.

Michael J. Lavery is president and managing director of the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), the world’s first and largest circulation-auditing organization and North America’s preferred circulation auditor. 

With a diverse financial background, including a tenure as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for the internationally known law firm Winston & Strawn, Lavery became ABC’s Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services.

He accepted the challenge of managing ABC’s 2,500 annual audits and was promoted to Senior Vice President of Auditing Services.

His tenure has resulted in several key developments at the ABC. They have moved forward in verifying new and non-traditional, census-based advertiser-supported media, which culminated in ABC Interactive, several other supplemental audit services such as Reader Profile and Subscriber Profile, and programs like ABC’s Insert Verification Service (IVS) and the extension of audit services to non-paid newspapers.

ABC’s premium data reporting services have also grown to reflect the quick-moving pace of the information age. ABC’s electronic data resource, e-Data, now provides subscribers and PR firms with custom reporting, online analysis tools, report features that disclose audit status listings, and the new ABC Rapid Report that encourages more frequent circulation reporting.

Media Measurement Insights

3:58 – Michael Lavery explains what the Audit Bureau of Circulation does and discusses the company’s history and purpose.

6:28 – Lavery talks about the difference between paid and non-paid circulation and what each means for advertisers.

10:39 – Lavery on how paid and unpaid circulation has changed over the past 20 years.

12:09 – Lavery talks about distinguishing paid circulation from non-paid and the evolution of non-paid circulation.

15:52 – Lavery on why small publications should monitor their circulations, “To provide media accountability [and] provide accountability to advertisers and agencies…”

16:27 – Lavery on the benefits the Audit Bureau of Circulation offers small publications.

17:37 – Lavery on the application process, costs, and entitlements of ABC members.

21:17 – Lavery on what’s happening in print media as publishers migrate online and consumer-generated media grows.

23:05 – Lavery on how ABC is re-inventing itself online.

26:23 – Lavery on the parallels between RSS and paid circulation in print.

28:35 – Lavery offers his projection on the specific measurements advertisers will value as online metrics.

30:24 – Lavery talks about the evolution and future of ABC.

32:39 – End.

Photo by Crissy Jarvis on Unsplash

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