Benefits of Brand Monitoring Tools for Social Media

PR Tech Wednesdays with Todd Grossman

The benefits of brand monitoring tools for social media are not always apparent to the chief communications officers responsible for purchasing them. This is a conversation all about how to monitor your brand on social media.

What is Brand Monitoring?

If you have Google Analytics, why do you need premium social media monitoring tools, and what's the difference between social media analytics and social media monitoring? And if there are free tools for hashtag monitoring, why do you need a paid solution to track hastags?

To users in the digital bubble, these are newbie questions. But to senior level communicators who are responsible client relationship and budget allocation, they may not be.

On this edition of PR Tech Wednesdays, I had a chance to speak with Talkwalker CEO of the Americas Todd Grossman — who also happens to be a ballroom dancing aficionado and philanthropist — about his firm’s social media analytics and social media monitoring platform.

Talkwalker is a premium traditional news and social media monitoring service, which provides a number of benefits over and above Google Analytics and other free hashtag tracking tools on the market today. I covered it in the 2020 Media Monitoring Buyer's Guide, a vendor neutral report with a side-by-side features comparison chart, user ratings and reviews of 10 popular platforms.

Social Media Monitoring

2020 Media Monitoring Buyer's Guide

By giving marketing and public relations professionals a way to monitor and listen to conversations, Talkwalker helps its clients discover the relevant pockets of conversation where their messages are most likely to resonate and engage others.

In addition to providing a series of monitoring tools that can be customized to target specific segments of conversation in traditional and social media channels, Talkwalker also provides a number of pre-configured reports that make it easy to get a sense of where are important conversations are happening without needing to be a data analyst.

Mapping Virality

Talkwalker’s virality map, which allows clients to map out how conversations grow online over time. It’s among their most noble features because it allows you to see who the influencers are that truly expand the reach of a story or conversation, and we spoke at length about it.

Todd also shared the common pain points he hears from clients considering social media monitoring solutions, and we speculated as to when LinkedIn will become available on social media monitoring platforms.

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We also discussed the threat of artificial intelligence, the risk of replacement in marketing and public relations, and how Talkwalker integrates AI technology to process news and social media conversations.

I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you'll join us on next PR Tech Wednesday for a conversation with digital PR strategist Sarah Evans.

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