Top 3 Benefits of the PR Cloud

There's a new PR Cloud in the sky that you need to know about called Intrado.

Ben Chodor (@s57benchodor), President of Digital Media at Intrado was my guest on PR Tech Wednesdays yesterday and we spoke at length about his company's new full stack PR software solution, anchored by Notified, a new acquisition he made late last year.

After a comprehensive review of the PR tech space, Intrado acquired Notified — which was billed as an online newsroom software solution, but is really much more — because they found its workflow-oriented user interface to be easier than anything out there and because of the innovative team of programmers behind the product.

“What Adobe and Hubspot did for the marketing cloud, we want to do for PR,” says Chodor who predicts massive growth in the sector. He sees ability of PR tech to monitor the outcome of public relations activities by measuring the degree to which press releases trigger online conversation among influencers as the main growth driver.

Top 3 Benefits of Full Stack PR

Ben says the top three benefits of using one, integrated solution for news media monitoring, journalist database, press release distribution, social media engagement and analytics are:

  1. Single sign-in, so no need to manually cut and paste data between multiple services
  2. Metadata from all activities in one place so you can run comparative analytics.
  3. Listen, connect, deliver, publish, amplify and measure PR in one, workflow-oriented solution.

Biggest PR Tech Challenge

The biggest challenge PR people have today is making sense of their metadata, since it’s usually sequestered in the reporting features of so many different services, which makes using pivot tables to compare data sets a painful process that never gets done.

Cause of PR Tech Churn

The number one cause of customer churn in the PR tech software-as-a-service business today is poor integration. Offering a full stack solution with limited integration is a common customer frustration.

Intrado's Bragging Rights

Ben says Intrado outperforms most when it comes to user experience. The Notified user interface is highly intuitive and easy to learn so on boarding is easy and user satisfaction is high.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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