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I did not write anything below the subhead in this blog post about content marketing agency outsourcing.

The author is Jason Joseph, who writes for a service you can outsource writing to called Verblio, a service that ecommerce and B2B content marketing agencies outsource to. If you’re wondering whether or not Verblio is legit, this podcast and the post below are a live test of their service.

Verblio VP Product Marketing Laura Smous

If you’re looking for ways to scale your editorial marketing practice to meet your clients’ needs, outsourcing to quality freelance writers is probably an ongoing pain point for you.

I like writing. But there’s only one of me. So I can’t realistically deliver the editorial packages my clients need without help. I use most of the online writer marketplaces fairly regularly. I’ve written about WriterAccess and ContentGrow in other posts. But Verblio was a new one I hadn’t tried.

So after several months of testing the service, I invited Verblio’s VP of Product Marketing Laura Smous, to be a guest on the Earned Media Podcast. I pulled a transcript of our interview and outsourced this blog post through their service with one caveat. Laura connected me with one of their customer success reps to ensure one of their best writers got this job.

Unlike the other online writer marketplaces, you can’t select the writer you want to use on Verblio. Instead, you post the job with a brief, and someone writes the article on spec. And you don’t have to buy it if you don’t like it. So if you want to get a sense of their top level of service, listen to my interview with Laura and come back and read this post by Jason Joseph.

Depending on your sector and objectives, Verblio may or may not be suitable for you. But the entirely unedited post – with uncorrected mistakes – from Verblio started here and was delivered with the headline…

A Complete Guide to Using Verblio for Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy uses content creation to provide the audience with value. Organizations use emails, blogs, and videos to share content with customers and establish credibility. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the content marketing market will have a year-to-year growth rate of 15.73% between 2021 and 2025.

However, creating content is one of the challenges most businesses face. As such, companies rely on third-party companies for content creation. One of the marketplaces that clients can use is Verblio. Here is everything you need to know about Verblio from the VP, Laura Smous.

What is Verblio?

 Verblio is a content creation marketplace that connects clients with experienced freelance writers. Content marketing is a cost-effective way to get leads and grow your business. On Verblio, you can connect to the right type of content and get what you need. The platform helps agencies to create high-performing content. Customers can order product descriptions, website content, and press releases. Even though the content marketing space is competitive, Verblio remains among the leading. But what differentiates Verblio from the other marketplace sites?

Why Choose Verblio?

Wide Variety of Writers

You may think there are numerous options, but choosing the right platform will help your organization’s success. Verblio is always looking for ways to improve. The writers play a vital part in the Verblio marketplace. It seeks to create a suitable platform for writers and customers. Even though AI is fast gaining popularity in content creation, it will not replace human writers. Verblio strives to balance AI and human writers to offer customers a better experience. Verblio has a team of writers who are qualified in different industries. So no matter what industry, you’ll get a professional writer to work on your content.

Quality Content

Quality has always been part and parcel of the content creation marketplace. Verblio has its foundation in journalism, and providing quality content is not a problem. It focuses on providing customers with content that ranks highly on search engines and generates leads. Most people use the platform as a customer acquisition tool. Paid advertising is costly compared to using content marketing to get new customers.

Verblio Strategy

 On Verblio, customers get a variety of submissions and only choose the one they like. So a customer has a wide variety of choices and only purchases content that fits their organization. Once the system learns what you like, it will match you to a suitable writer, which is faster. Since writers don’t get paid unless a customer purchases their work, writers are motivated to choose a piece they know and will love writing. 

The system has been working in that way since its creation. Customers sometimes love the writers they have worked with and don’t want to return to the open marketplace. It’s for this reason that Verblio has a preferred writers option. There is also a writers pool for larger enterprise customers. The writer’s pool is excellent for clients who need high-volume content with tight deadlines. 

Statistics show that organizations that publish 4 blog posts per week generate 3.5x more traffic. Therefore, customers are looking for consistent content that is still of high quality. Clients can use the preferred writers or still get discovered by new writers. However, Verblio is looking for ways to ensure writers get prompt feedback on their content. The Verblio system works because it allows both writers and customers to go after what they love doing.

In Verblio, the product and engineering teams have a lot of input into product marketing and product strategy. Not many things were available when Verblio was first developed. However, the content marketplace still seeks ways to integrate with other technologies. Verblio has a lot of control over the document being written.

The platform ensures high-security standards and that customers retain the rights to the content they pay for. So you won’t stumble upon your content on another website. Verblio has a white-label platform for agencies that offers tracking, functionality, and robust editing. It also integrates with Google Docs. Some customers only want to work with Google Docs, where they want their content delivered. Verblio is moving towards actual integration with Google Docs. Google has a lot of capabilities, including commenting and version control as a word processing tool. Therefore, Verblio is moving towards google docs as a standard that the customers will have. Even though there may be gaps, Verblio seeks to determine the best way to close them by preserving the platform’s integrity.


Content marketing is a great tool to grow your business and reach your target audience. The platform ensures an excellent refresh strategy without affecting your new content creation. So, Verblio not only creates new content but also ensures that your content is always up to date. It is looking for things around E-A-T and how it will impact the perception of quality. Google E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It determines whether your content is valuable to your audience or if it will rank well. Since customers’ expectations are constantly changing, one sure thing is that customers need to produce content regularly to rank on search engines and establish credibility.

Verblio is looking for ways to do things differently and make customers understand what they need to invest in their content that will work for them. Numerous content marketing blogs use AI for content creation, but AI can be used in a niche without much competition. However, that can only happen when there is only one admin. One of the reasons to choose Verblio for your content marketing platform is that you’ll save time and have high-quality content written.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on content marketing services. It is easy to start with — you will see your business grow with Verblio as your content marketing partner. You can meet your content needs without maintaining a big payroll.

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