Content Marketing Ops with WriteAccess CEO Byron White (Review)


If you're in content marketing services and you've never heard of the Writer Access content marketing marketplace this episode can help you make more money for yourself and your clients.

This is an exclusive interview with Writer Access CEO Byron White, who built an online marketplace that connects content marketers with freelance writers. It has star ratings, recommendations, writer portfolios and an escrow service for holding and releasing funds. Plus, they vet all their writers.

In this episode, we talk about overcoming the two biggest challengers DTC and B2B content marketing agencies face. If you're a content marketing specialist, this conversation will be familiar and useful. If you're looking for a content marketing agency near you, this will make you a smarter buyer of content marketing services.

The first content marketing challenge is always finding good writers to scale an elite-level content marketing operation capable of outranking competitors by publishing large volumes of original, thought leadership grade content.

My second biggest content marketing challenge is securing writers who either have or are willing to take the time to acquire the subject matter expertise to write informed, useful, worthwhile content that advances the existing body of knowledge that is available online, instead of just rehashing what we all already know.

It’s hard enough to get people to a web page. But after they arrive, we’ve got seconds to keep them from leaving. If they're using Chrome and they leave our page in less than 10 seconds, Google knows that the search result they provided failed, because the uses repeats the same query.

So why would Google continue to recommend that page in their search results? The answer is, they wouldn't. It's not enough to rank. You've got to satisfy search intent, or you won't be able to maintain that ranking.

There’s nothing worse than going to a webpage and finding a bunch of useless B2B keyword stuffed content that’s been cribbed together from top ranking pages. So we can’t use articles about Stuff We All Know (S.W.A.K.). We’re looking to bring readers a unique point of view, not more of the same. Bring readers a unique point of view. It’s okay to be funny. But don’t be cliche. Be original, be informed and be gone.

In this podcast, you'll hear how content marketing consultants and agencies are scaling their written deliverables with Writer Access. And I also shared a case study that resulted in 225 percent revenue growth through an innovative ecommerce marketing program I led for a lifestyle brand.

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