Public Relations Firm Leader Deirdre Breakenridge


Public relations, social media marketing, the impact of social media on intellectual development, and what’s next with public relations firm leader, author and social media professional Deirdre Breakenridge recorded at the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in San Diego.

01:17 – Deirdre discusses the controversy surrounding her most recent book with Brian Solis Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, which she and her co-author Brian Solis discussed with Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz on the For Immediate Release PR podcast.

02:34 – Deirdre discusses her other books, personal brand, listening, and social media marketing.

04:48 – The cost of her experience as an online influencer, and balancing the time one spends using social networks against parenting.

05:49 – Being a committed mother and making a conscious effort to spend time off email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedin to rejuvenate.

07:44 – The impact of social media engagement on intellectual development and the potential drawbacks of living in a constant state of partial attention.

08:59 – How ready are public relations firms to inherit the social media communications mantle, engage with bloggers, and leverage emerging online channels?

10:18 – Does it make sense for public relations agencies to lead in social media engagement at most organizations, or should social media be the domain of marketers?

12:08 – Should public relations firms oversee social media governance inside the organization, and is social media a horizontal business function?

13:32 – Deirdre discusses a panel of social media specialists she assembled for the 2009 Public Relations Society of America International Conference, including Joe Jaffe, Ariel Hyatt, Kami Huyse, and Brian Solis.

14:30 – Now that many organizations have Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and Instagram feeds, what’s next?

Looking ahead at conversation monitoring versus conversation mining, real-time collaboration, and the power shift from brands to communities.

16:25 – How will younger generations regard social media and online community technology?

Will they grow up with an inherent understanding of effectively applying these channels?

17:51 – What kind of information should public relations firms seek to pull out of the mountains of online data being created that is relevant to their business category?

18:43 – End

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