Mastering Social Media Management with Deirdre Breakenridge


Social media management, the impact of social media on our intellectual development and what's next with author and social media professional Deirdre Breakenridge (@dbreakenridge) recorded at the PRSA International Conference in San Diego.

01:17 – Deirdre discusses the controversy surrounding her most recent book Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, which she and her co-author Brian Solis discussed with Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz on For Immediate Release.

02:34 – Deirdre discusses her other books, her personal brand, listening and becoming a social media resource.

04:48 – The cost of being a social media influencer, and balancing the time one spends using social networks against parenting.

05:49 – Being a committed mother and making a conscious effort to spend time off of email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr as a way of rejuvenating.

07:44 – The impact of social media engagement on our intellectual development, and the potential drawbacks of living in a constant state of partial attention.

08:59 – How ready is public relations to inherit the social media communications mantle, engage with bloggers and start leveraging emerging online channels Google Wave?

10:18 – Does it make sense for public relations to lead in social media engagement at most organizations, or should social media be the domain of another department?

12:08 – Should PR oversee social media governance inside the organization, and is social media a horizontal business function?

13:32 – Deirdre talks about a panel of social media specialists she assembled for the 2009 PRSA International Conference which includes Joe Jaffe, Ariel Hyatt, Kami Huyse and Brian Solis.

14:30 – Now that so many organizations have Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages, YouTube channels and Flickr feeds, what's next?

Looking ahead at conversation monitoring versus conversation mining, real-time collaboration and the shift of power from brands to communities.

16:25 – How will younger generations regard social media and online communities technology?

Will they grow up with an inherent understanding of how to effectively apply these channels?

17:51 – What kind of information should public relations practitioners be looking to pull out of the mountains of online data being created that is relevant to their business category?

18:43 – End

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