Social Media Marketing Music Recording Artists with Ariel Hyatt


Music Public Relations Firm Ariel Hyatt on using social media to get signed to a record deal, how P. Diddy tweets without ruining the mystique of his stardom and using social media engagement to empower fans to promote their music organically online.

01:07 – Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity and author of Music Success in Nine Weeks describes her journey from conventional mainstream public relations executive to promoting musical artists exclusively online.

03:07 – Ariel Hyatt talks about immersing herself in social media by launching a blog, podcasting, hosting meet-ups, going to Podcamp and becoming a contributing member of the community.

04:17 – Candace Joy asks Ariel Hyatt via Michael Butler of the Rock ‘n Roll Geek Show, “How would you get a recording artist signed by a record label?”

04:30 – Creating a groundswell social media movement online by building a vibrant fan base community as a proof of concept to lure record labels to sign you to a record deal.

05:50 – The Marie Digby online promotion scandal.

8:50 – Just how long it takes to build trust, learn to communicate authentically and actually see the benefits of social media engagement.

10:30 – In a question submitted via Twitter, Rick Goetz asks, “What’s more important for blog love: doing newsworthy things or knowing people?”

11:43 – Is the transparency of social media stripping away the mystique of the rock star?

12:28 – Finding out that Henry Rollins was never on Twitter.

13:31 – Musicians Pete Wentz, Dave Navarro, and John Mayer’s use of Twitter and Mylie Cyrus’s recent decision to quit Twitter.

14:24 – How P. Diddy repeatedly captures widespread interest and taps into the popular nerve and why talent alone may not be enough to ascend to rock star status.

15:45 – P. Diddy’s now famous Popeye’s vs. KFC chicken TwittyTV online video.

17:09 – Inside the social life of Ariel Hyatt, a massive Ska, Punk, Rock indie music fan.

18:38 – A DIY recording artist’s career defined.

19:13 – The ascent of blues guitarist Kelly Richie, who learned to leverage social media to connect directly to her fan base and scale the pyramid.

22:25 – Why jam bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish represent social media in the real world.

23:46 – Translating musical like-mindedness into social media connections.

25:36 — End

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