Value of Social Media Monitoring with Kami Huyse


Kami Huyse talks about the value of social media monitoring, what goes into launching and maintaining a successful conference blog and exactly why social media could be a panacea for improving organizational communications.  

Kami Huyse is digitally savvy public relations executive based in San Antonio, Texas where she is the president of a boutique firm which specializes in funneling public relations campaign through blogs.

She was instrumental in laying the groundwork that led to establishing the first official conference blog at the PRSA International Conference.  

Show Notes:  

3:25 – Huyse explains how organizations can benefit from effective social media management.  

4:55 – Huyse on dealing with the popular perception that owned media activities are high-risk.  

6:04 – Huyse elaborates on building a business case for digital media at large organizations.  

9:19 – Huyse on staying current the latest online tools and services.  

11:30 – Huyse explains how she educates clients about the benefits of social media.  

14:26 – Huyse on difficulties of promoting yourself as a digital media to clients who are more interested in mainstream media relations.  

16:20 – Huyse on the measurable results of blogging initiatives and how to determine success.  

20:13 – Huyse on acquiring market intelligence through listening to online conversations and funneling that intelligence into product development.  

22:48 – Huyse on the objectives of a conference blog and how it can improve the reach and impact of Public Relations Society of America’s mission to advance the profession and the professional.  

26:04 – Huyse on overcoming the challenges of launching the PRSA International Conference blog.  

28:23 – End

Photo by Kami Huyse

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