Loic LeMeur on Launching Tech Startups


Entrepreneur Loic LeMeur talks about how he mobilized the web to support of Sarkozy’s election campaign, how social media has changed public relations for tech startups and the impact of transparency on personal privacy.

Show Notes:

2:36 – Loic LeMeur talks about how he became one of the most widely read blogs in France.

3:24 – Loic LeMeur on the cultural differences between writing a blog that resonates with the European community versus the American online social media community.

4:37 – Loic LeMeur discusses the blogosphere’s and news media’s reaction to his podcast interview with Nicolas Sarkozy.

5:41 – Loic LeMeur shares the biggest lesson he took away from his work on the Sarkozy campaign.

7:03 – Loic LeMeur talks about how the Sarkozy campaign was able to leverage the blogosphere to drive news media coverage.

9:14 – Loic LeMeur on why disagreed with Brian Solis’s guest post on TechCrunch about the secrets of PR.

11:20 – Loic LeMeur’s opinion of Seth Godin’s newest book Tribes and the concept of managing communities instead of brands.

12:57 – Loic LeMeur on how organizations that provide necessary products that don’t always breed enthusiasm should approach social media communications.

14:02 – Loic LeMeur on why cell phone providers and utilities should be on Twitter, and how customer service can propel positive word of mouth.

16:01 – Loic LeMeur on Twitter’s response, or lack thereof, to hacked celebrity accounts.

18:04 – Loic LeMeur on the expectation management trap of over transparency.

19:42 – Loic LeMeur on the single, biggest challenge government communicator’s face with respect to social media engagement.

22:29 – Loic LeMeur on sustaining the momentum of social media communications campaigns beyond an election cycle.

23:52 – Loic LeMeur on how he used social media to solicit input for his session on privacy at the World Economic Summit.

24:43 – Loic LeMeur on personal privacy and the prospect of segmented communications in the social media age.

27:47 – Drawing a question from an interview by Brooke Gladstone’s with Nicolas Carr, author of The Big Switch on the NPR program On the Media, Eric Schwartzman asks Loic LeMeur if he is concerned that companies may someday use personal information to manipulate behavior.

32:15 – Loic LeMeur on the potential cultural threats of a world without physical media.

35:04 – Loic LeMeur on the social benefits of MMOGs

36:25 – Loic LeMeur on his online video social networking service Seesmic.

41:24 – Loic LeMeur on how video can be used to build more meaningful relationships online.

43:53 – Loic LeMeur on how genders dress their Seesmic shots differently.

46:08 – Loic LeMeur on how Chris Pirillo and Leo LaPorte are using video to create a personal brand online.

50:14 – End

Photo By Christopher Michel – https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmichel67/15796673517/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37210918

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