Verizon Media Relations Chief Eric Rabe on Telecomm Public Relations


Verizon [NYSE:VZ] SVP Media Relations Eric Rabe counsels senior management and has deep experience in crisis management and union-related strategic communications.

He discusses broadband speeds, free municipal wireless, net neutrality, nonselective disclosure, compliance and what it’s like serving as SVP media relations at Verizon.

Show notes:

7:13 – Introduction to Eric Rabe.

7:45 – Rabe on crisis communications at Verizon.

8:37 – Rabe on how Verizon takes advantage of online communications.

10:02 – Rabe on influential blogs like Gigaom.

11:30 – Rabe on online communications tools of the future like Twitter and Facebook.

13:17 – Rabe on the practice of blogger relations.

15: 07 – Rabe on how a company can use an “information leak” that Steve Rubel spoke on to their advantage.

16:44 – Rabe on the convergence of personal and professional communications in the mobile space.

18:41 – Rabe on the impact of the accessibility and affordability of social media on advertiser supported media.

22:41 – Rabe on Jason Falls’s recommendation of stepping up to the proverbial online water cooler.

28:28 – Rabe on taking sides on controversial issues, like those involving NARAL.

33:38 – Rabe on a future fourth generation carrier like AT&T.

37:05 – Rabe on deploying fiber optics and speed to Verizon customers.

39:11 – Rabe on when people will be able to use cell phones on an airplane.

40:47 – Rabe on how Verizon identifies blogs to follow.

42:20 – Rabe on building visibility and credibility through social media.

47:28 – End

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