Edelman EVP, Media Insights and Strategy Steve Rubel on the State of News Media Relations


In this exclusive episode, Edelman Media Chief Steve Rubel delivers a gripping keynote about the state of news media relations and what it means for PR firms.

Show notes:

1:13 – Intro to Rubel’s speech at the Digital Impact Conference.

2:51 – Rubel online public relations responsibilities at Edelman Digital.

3:46 – Rubel on the erosion of mass reach media.

5:21 – Rubel on the Twitter and FriendFeed of tomorrow.

5:58 – Rubel on the 53 percent of people not engaged with online media.

6:33 – Rubel on Google.

8: 47 – Rubel on today’s think signals.

19:02 – Rubel on breaking down the web using the example of the NBA widget strategy.

12:38 – Rubel on today’s attention crash.

14:13 – Rubel on Will it Blend from Blendtec.

16:13 – Rubel on high interest niches using the example of Popurls.

18:47 – Rubel on using Google Trends to track data.

22:06 – Rubel on how to employ collaboration in marketing communications using the ideas of controlled and open communication.

26:33 – Rubel on his idea of living room 2.0, where branded content like Flickr will be transported directly into the living room.

29:37 – Rubel on geek marketers.

31:19 – Rubel on hallucinations for the future like the bloggers behind, Anywired, some of the new digital nomads.

33:36 – Rubel on today’s corporate data leaks occurring through Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo conversations.

36:30 – Rubel takes a question on how to keep social media simple and still sustain the depth of the message.

39:36 – Rubel on corporate blogs and how they can and can’t work.

41:00 – Rubel takes a question on whether organizations should have their agencies ghostwrite blogs.

43:45 – End

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