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Media Monitoring for Business Intelligence

Vendor neutral guidance, training and implementation support 

Media Monitoring for Business Intelligence

Vendor neutral guidance, training and implementation support 

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Media Intelligence Programs

  • Measure organizational reputation
  • Understand existing widespread beliefs
  • Get reliable media intelligence

Learn what matters most to your constituents.

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Find Your Customers Online

  • Allocate resources based on demand
  • Engage your stakeholders where the are
  • Compare customer engagement to internal metrics

Get the knowledge and and training to achieve results. 

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Geographic Monitoring

  • Engage globally and locally
  • Understand market nuances
  • Segment international communications 

Talk to your clients about what matters to them.

Case Study: US Dept. of State

The Office of Oceans, Environment and Scientific Issues at US Dept. of State delivers key messages on a variety of climate issues to the media, NGOs, the private sector and Congress.

I was retained to conduct a study on which climate issues are most discussed internationally on social networks.

Most engaged communications on social media about topics other than climate, namely water, oceans, polar issues, international health & biodefense and wildlife trafficking, centered around the impact of climate on these issues

  • Top water posts were about drought and flooding from extreme weather.
  • Top oceans & polar issues posts were about rising sea levels.
  • Top international health and biodefense posts were about public health risks of climate change.
  • Many top wildlife trafficking posts were about how changes to the environment threaten the extinction of different species.

You can read more about this project in this presentation.

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