Digital PR Keynote for the PRSA Independant Practitioners Group


This is a recording of my talk on Digital PR at the Public Relations Society of America Independent Practitioners Group.

This was pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter, and pre-Tik-Tok. I focused on blogs, podcasts, and other web-related technologies and how PR consultants can use them.


00:57 – Eric Schwartzman talks about his experiences at the Grammy's pressroom in 1999.

3:01 – Schwartzman on the effects of new technology: “…for the first time the media is not necessarily God anymore…now we're finding savvy organizations and individuals are blogging their point of view or tape recording their interviews…its changing the balance of power.”

5:00 – Schwartzman discusses the growth of the new media.

5:51 – Schwartzman talks about the need for public relations professionals to embrace the new media: “…if we think strategically about new media…the money is moving from offline to online channels. So, we can say, well, we have web guys and they handle that, or we can get involved.”

7:55 – Schwartzman talks about the Edelman podcast earSHOT.

10:16 – Schwartzman begins his presentation on social media.

10:55 – Schwartzman explains what tagging is, how it works, and why it is beneficial.

14:16 – Schwartzman, while demonstrating tagging: “…if you want to listen to what they're [the consumers] saying about your brands already…these are the tools [social media] that are available to you to listen to the digital conversation.”

7:55 – Schwartzman on the volume of readers of blogs versus the quality of readers.

18:33 – Schwarztman shows a list of the most popular PR blogs.

19:33 – Schwartzman explains how to use PubSub to monitor the blogosphere.

20:20 – Schwartzman shows how to use the tool Ice Rocket.

21:58 – Schwartzman, while demonstrating how to use the tool BlogPulse: “I think one of the great opportunities of new media is the ability to marry the metric and reporting capabilities of the web with public relations…”

25:06 – Schwartzman offers his thoughts on

27:15 – Schwartzman explains “the big deal about blogs.”

27:58 – Schwartzman on the differences between blogs and message boards.

29:29 – Schwartzman explains what RSS feeds are and how the concept arose.

32:23 – Schwartzman demonstrates how to subscribe to an RSS feed.

34:20 – Schwartzman tells of three free services available to create blogs.

36:45 – Schwartzman shows his blog Spinfluencer to demonstrate the benefits of blogging.

38:08 – Schwartzman on why blogs are important: “…they're really the first tool that has given our trade a first-hand experience with web publishing.”

41:16 – Schwartzman discusses the role demographics play while conversing online.

43:17 – Schwartzman talks about companies using blogs: “There's nothing clean about blog relations…there's no editorial oversight, there are no rules, and there's absolutely no controlling the message.”

44:53 – Schwartzman explains how the blogosphere maintains credibility.

46:30 – Schwartzman answers a question concerning the demography of bloggers: “You would think ‘oh it's just going to be tech geeks,' it's really not…”

47:42 – Schwartzman mentions different CEO and company blogs. This is before the concept of content marketing services took root.

49:58 – Schwartzman discusses podcasts: “A podcast is an mp3 file…that's distributed over an RSS feed.”

50:50 – Schwartzman explains how to access podcasts.

52:04 – Schwartzman demonstrates how to distribute podcasts.

53:20 – Schwartzman on using TiVo to subscribe to podcasts: “…you don't need an ipod to listen to your podcasts. You can listen to them on your computer, you can listen to them on your stereo, you can listen to them in your car.”

55:14 – Schwartzman talks about his podcast studio.

56:29 – Schwartzman explains the benefits of podcasting.

58:30 – Schwartzman talks about searching for podcasts.

59:15 – Schwartzman tells of companies that use podcasts.

60:35 – Schwartzman on why most podcasts are audio.

61:18 – Schwartzman talks about a client doing a series of podcasts at a trade show.

62:24 – Schwartzman on web publishing. 

64:21 – End.

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