Stop Customer Churn and Employee Turnover So You Can Grow Faster and Drive Revenue

You can't keep customers if they can't figure out how to use your products and services.

And you can't keep your employees, if they can't be successful doing their job.

I produce user conferences, professional development seminars and virtual instructor-led webinars for conference organizers, associations and organizations.

I also develop self-paced, online customer success and employee onboarding training courses for clients.

What Attendees Say About Eric’s Seminars

Professional Development Training

  • Teach end users how to get your software-as-a-service(SaaS) up and running faster so they can derive maximum value and remain a customer longer which means your churn rate goes down and your revenues go up.
  • Show employees how to use your information technology systems to get their jobs done so you can get them operational fast and spend less time teaching people the same thing over and over again.
  • Build a consistent, repeatable online corporate training program for onboarding new employees so you can get new hires operational faster and save yourself the aggravation of trying to figure out who needs to be trained in what.
  • Show channel partners how to utilize your sales enablement programs so they can sell more of your products and services faster, which means you can grow your business exponentially through independant sales reps.
  • Certify that everyone undertstands what's expected of them by including multiple choice questions throuhgout each online course, so you have a digital record of who's been trained in what that can be included in their employee file.

I have over 10-years experience leading conference, professional development training seminars and distance learning programs for a variety of audiences.

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Conference Chairs Elizabeth Albrycht and Eric Schwartzman at the Digital Impact Conference in NYC

I produced five conferences for 400-500 attendees as founding chair of the Digital Impact Conference, hundreds of 2-day workshops for 30-40 attendees as well as dozens of virtual, instructor-led webinars.

And I've produced over a hunderd hours of self-paced, on-demand training used by clients such as the McKesson, Texas A&M, Entrust, Keller Williams, Inter American Development Bank, Yamaha and many others.

"It's often straightforward to identify a strategy needed to acheive a goal, but what trips up companies is figuring out how to execute the strategy once identified," writes Cal Newport in his book Deep Work.

I take people beyond just the "why" and teach them the "how" through step-by-step, live demonstrations and tutorials, so you can on-board employers faster and keep your monthly recurring revenue stable longer.

I've taught Professionals, Ambassadors, Military Leaders and Activists and I can teach your market too.  

"I have attended many workshops and seminars in my 26-year career as a communications professional and I must say that Eric is perhaps the best instructor, teacher, strategic thinker I've encountered period."

Betty McNerneySenior Director of Communications, Michigan Chamber of Commerce


"Eric’s 2-day training at Toyota USA demystified social media for our organization and gave us the momentum and confidence to move forward into this brave new world. In addition to being a subject matter expert, Eric is a skilled practitioner who understands (from experience) how to leverage new media communication channels for maximum message reach and impact."

Michael KrollStrategic Planning Manager at Toyota USA


"Eric's Social Media for PR Boot Camp was the best professional development training I have ever taken. Period."

Cam McAlpine, APR, Principal at Earnscliffe Strategy Group


"I've always benefited greatly from Eric’s input, not only as a great trainer, but also as someone who knows how to use complex data analytic platforms for strategic communications. I continue to reach out to him when I have new questions and I always walk away better informed."

Don Kilburg, Ph.D., Spokesperson for Energy Resources, U.S. State Department



Online Corporate Training Programs

If you're still on boarding employees and doing systems training one-on-one or in the classroom, now's the time to invest in a scalable, online learning management solution and develop the courseware you need to deliver training to employees anytime, anywhere on any device.

Privacy Awareness Training Course for Managers & Employers

With custom online corporate training courses you can onboard employees or new users anytime, any place on any device. Use live action HD Video broadcast quality motion graphics to keep people interested. The instructional design of this custom courseware player skin was styled after iOS. I built this one in HTML5 for access in mobile browsers.  
Multiple choice, integrated assessment testing.

Integrated assessments can be used to measure knowledge transfer and improve corpriate training programs.  In the case of compliance training, assessment transcripts give employers a record of who was trained in what, so in the event of unlawful use or an investigation, they can prove the employee was properly trained. This instructional design features a "NOTES" tab where people can access supplemental content.

Production set up for online corporate training.

Would you like to automate your onboarding process?  I can produce original, custom content in HD Video with full motion graphics to keep viewers engaged so you can train and achieve your objectives consistently.  There's nothing worse than being forced to complete an old school, a mind numbing, off the shelf online training.  Let's make something fresh that stands up to the integrity of your brand.

Issue and Track Certificates of Completions

Give your attendees and branded, personalized certification of completion so they have something to show for their effort to add to their professional accomplishments.  Workplace training improves performance and giving people a tangible record of their achievement is a real benefit.

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SCORM/AICC is a file format in which the test results on an employee is stored. Most talent management platforms allow you to store these types of files on each employee record. But whether you're training employees, resellers or partners, you can use this standard technology to scale certification programs.