Best Digital PR Tools with Linkedin Learning’s Martin Waxman


Lumen 5, Persado, Yoast, and the #AI in PR tool stack from the Chartered Institute for Public Relations are just some of the digital PR consultant's tools I discussed with Linkedin Learning instructor Martin Waxman (@martinwaxman) on the Earned Media Podcast.

We started with a passage from Arundahti Roy's essay which appeared in the Financial Times “The Pandemic is a Portal” and talked about the opportunity to make intentional decisions about what practices to take with us as we travel through the portal to the new world, and which ones to disregard.

Digital Marketing Tools

18:23 – Anna Lebedeva of SEMrush shares B2B content marketing strategy

23:46 – Serena Ehrlich of BusinessWire recommends thinking about your headline as a URL

24:18 – How we use the Yoast for WordPress plugin to SEO

25:58 – Sarah Evans's mention of the Ink for All web content optimization tool on last week's video chat

31:48 – Lumen 5, a video maker tool that turns words into videos

36:43 – Persado, a new AI tool for generating optimized headlines

43:09 – How Google's new BERT AI algorithm will impact SEO

48:39 – Article on Muck Rack about SWAK emails

52:20 – CIPR's #AIlinPR toolstack

52:23 – Why we can't live without Evernote

Martin shared all kinds of useful info about all kinds of tools and tactics for leveraging tech and AI for public relations and content marketing. I'll be publishing another post with a complete list of the tools so subscribe to the blog of you want to make sure and get it.

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