Tech Stacks for RevOps with Jen Spencer


Smartbug’s Chief Revenue Officer and RevOps analyst Jen Spencer talks about her recent benchmarking report on the convergence of inbound marketing and revenue operations (RevOps): a survey of 200-plus revenue leaders that includes a RevOps framework for how best to adapt to these trends.

Rev Ops — or the alignment of technology and processes to support the collaboration of marketing, sales and customer success efforts — has become increasingly popular as companies look reorganize to support the full customer lifecycle.


We also talk about RevOps strategies and the kinds of apps that most businesses are using and how that will change moving forward, the importance of integrated technology to most companies, and why cross functional collaboration is the new competitive advantage.

In this digital marketing podcast:

01:27​ What is revenue operations?

03:23​ Smartbug’s survey on revenue operations, marketing, sales and customer success.

05:06​ What is a tech stack?

06:46​ Defining small business tech stacks.

10:23​ All-in-one tech platform solutions vs. best-of-breed stacks.

14:29​ Interoperable stacks and retaining customer data.

17:20​ The meaning of digital business, and how to build one.

20:04​ Trends in CRM and integrating best-of-breed stacks across marketing, sales, and customer success.

21:52 HubSpot versus Salesforce: Which solution is right for you?

24:12 Cross functional integration as a competitive barrier to entry.

27:43 How account-based marketing creates a more unified customer experience.

29:25 How customer account data helps sellers create raving fans.

32:02 RevOps metrics for measuring marketing and customer success correctly.

34:08 Why cross-functional collaboration matters in the modern enterprise.

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