Content Marketing via Video On-Demand with Dina Kaplan


This podcast is a content marketing with video-on-demand deep dive featuring Dina Kaplan, who covers the growth of online video, measurement challenges, and how much showrunners earn from distributing their online programs on Blip.TV. You will like this podcast if you’re at a content marketing agency gearing up to produce videos for a client.

Content Marketing Video Highlights

5:45 – Dina Kaplan on what makes Blip.TV different from other online videos, what shows Blip.TV focuses on mainstream television versus viral video and how Blip.TV reaches its audience.  

7:12 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan talks about where Blip.TV’s traffic comes from.  

9:28 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on whether or not Blip.TV shows cater to the Long Tail, a story I pitched Chris Anderson when I represented Ecast.

11:18 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on the importance of marketing to different kinds of audiences and the difference between reaching a large audience and reaching the right audience.  

13:53 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on the cost of advertising on Blip.TV. She shares information about the CPM and discusses the different ways a brand can buy ads, the difference between advertising on web video and TV, and gives her rationale for the price difference.  

16:56 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on what an independent producer should look for, on measurement options Blip.TV provides to its showrunners.  

20:27 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on how much show content creators are making, which kinds of web videos do best with advertisers, and what top earners can make running online video programs on her network.  

23:40 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on what it took for Blip.TV to win the support of investors.  

26:55 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on recent news about YouTube’s impending site redesign. She talks about how people’s online viewing habits change and how the line between the web and TV blurs.  

30:41 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on audio versus audio content. She discusses the importance of marketing in building an audience for video content and gives examples of successes, such as Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV.  

33:03 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on the production value of web shows, the culture of authenticity, and why feedback is so important.  

36:09 – Blip.TV co-founder Dina Kaplan on Comscore’s Top U.S. Online Video Properties rankings, the challenges of tracking views, the different ways of measuring online viewership, and why it’s tough to compare views on one video platform to another.  

38:04 – End

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