How PR Sparked the Long Tail

Keith O'Brien puts the origin of the Long Tail on the record in PR Week:

“For instance, Robbie Vann-Adibé, then CEO of Ecast, told Wired that 99% of the top 10,000 tracks on Ecast jukeboxes are played at least once a month. And since storage costs are negligible, the company earns its revenue as much from the lesser-played tracks as the platinum singles…

Schwartzman & Associates was the PR firm representing Ecast. I arranged the meeting for the Wired article.

My agency experiences the importance of “Long Tail” thinking first-hand. What generates big buzz is not necessarily going to bring in more revenue.

When I analyzed hits to my website, “Britney Spears” was the most popular search term bringing people to my homepage because of my work on a Britney Spears concert tour.

Consumers interested in Britney Spears are not the right traffic for me. But looking further down on the keywords, those are where I see the long tail keyword that get us in front of the right people.

SEO for B2B if all about longtail keywords.

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