How Social Media Killed the Cold Call


Korn/Ferry International [NYSE:KFY] Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs Don Spetner talks about the impact of Linkedin on the executive recruiting industry, nurturing contacts using social media and the death of the cold call. This is Spetner's second appearance on this podcast.  Last time, he discussed the public relations and corporate communications job market, the social media communication skills candidates need to compete, and strategies for job hunting in our current economy.   This interview was conducted as research for the my upcoming book with Paul Gillin “Social Marketing to the Business Customer,” the first book about B2B social media marketing.


02:52 – Impact of Linkedin on the executive recruiting industry.

05:07 – How social networks solved the single, biggest challenge of recruiting, the hard lesson Korn Ferry learned with Future Step and Linkedin's ability to give recruiters and hirers access to passive candidates who are not actively searching for a job.

07:35 – Impact of Linkedin on Korn Ferry's business.

12:45 – “We think the finding of candidates is becoming commoditized,” says Don.  “The real value comes in helping clients assess the fit of a candidate and follow in services to help them retain and maximize the performance of the candidate.” Korn Ferry is the only search firm with an online assessment tool designed to analyze how candidates think, and their emotional make-up.

18:27 – The art of nurturing and maintaining contacts using social media.

21:04 – How Linkedin has replaced the cold call in the recruiting business.

24:20 – Where Korn Ferry is headed.

25:30 – Advice to those seeking high-profile jobs.

26:50 – Can job seekers use social media too aggressively?

31:19 – End

Photo by Fouad Ghazizadeh on Unsplash

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