Cybersecurity Risks of Digital Marketing with Daniel King


What’s the best way for digital marketers to conduct B2B lead generation without falling prey to malicious data breaches, ransomware-driven DDoS attacks, and other deceptive, criminal money-making schemes? 

In this podcast, Daniel J.W. King, Chief at IBM Security Command and a Former Officer in the US Cyber Command, discusses digital marketing and lead generation from a cybersecurity standpoint. 

Average Cost of a Data Breach

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Cybersecurity risks are no different than other business risks. Business leaders must stop flagging data breaches and malware attacks as IT problems. Cybersecurity threats as a business problem that can affect your entire IT ecosystem, causing crippling loss. 

Now that countless businesses are going digital, threats are bound to increase. When that happens, it’s natural for organizations to fail due to a lack of preparedness. So, it’s essential to focus on improving these core skills to mitigate cybersecurity risks when you accept data from lead forms into your digital marketing stack.  

Securing Data Against Intrusions

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Combatting Cyber Threats 

Interactive elements such as data collection forms and clickable social media buttons can create numerous cybersecurity threats because they allow others to insert outside data into your tech stack. Here’s what you should do to minimize the risks.

  1. Identify your crown jewels and protect them – Billing, accounting, and product data are under constant threat, so organizations focus on securing those data assets first.
  1. Know your systems – If you have it, threat intelligence allows businesses to mitigate against future malware attacks. Businesses with evidence-based knowledge about everything inside their systems are better prepared to scale their digital presence. 
  1. Have a plan to recover – People, processes, and technology can solve significant business problems. A cybersecurity compliance clause in partner contracts can save money and protect data.  
  1. Appoint a retainer-based cybersecurity expert – A retainer cyber expert can offer immediate sensitive consultation and help improve the business’ scalability without increasing overheads. Secure these resources in advance so you’re ready for the worst scenario.

Daniel also discusses the risks of using marketing technology to publish web forms for B2B lead generation that can be compromised through injection attacks, whether or not businesses should worry about China’s potential AI dominance, injection attacks, input validation, building an online community while eliminating cyber threats, and preventing bot attacks. 

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Check out the full podcast to gain a fresh perspective on cybersecurity in digital marketing.  

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