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When’s the best time to Facebook?  When’s the best time to tweet?    If you're a marketer, it's something you've probably wondered more than once. Until now, there has been very little research conducted to answer that question.

In this podcast on the Science of Timing Facebook status updates tweets, social media scientist Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) talks about his research on the best times to Facebook and tweet, using two-years of quantitative research as a guide.

Dan, author of The Social Media Marketing Book, studies social media behavior from a data-backed position enabling him to teach marketers scientifically grounded best practices.   Dan's research covers when to tweet, when to Facebook, when to email and when to blog.

This podcast just covers when to Tweet and when to blog.

Originally, we had planned a second episode on when to email and when to blog, but the quality of the interview was unaudible and unfortunately, despite a few too many attempts, we were unable to get Dan to agree to rerecord part two.  

I believe the audio problem stemmed from the fact that the recording was conducted via Skype Out to a VoIP landline in a room was extensive background noise. 

The resulting audio was thin, with the level going in and out, so if you're a podcaster, one more thing to think about when you record interviews over the phone. 

Avoid VoIP landlines. Cell phones are better. 

Even after significant filtering attempts, part two of this podcast was unusable.  

In fact, this episode was recorded under the same circumstances and the audio — which was filtered as well —  is less than stellar as a result. Still, the information is valuable, and I hope you enjoy it.

Discussion Topics:

  • The Unicorns and Rainbow’s Myth.
  • Best time of day and day of the week to tweet for retweet and click-throughs
  • Whether or users with @replies get more retweets and click-throughs
  • Optimal number of tweets per day
  • How many self-promotional vs. selfless tweets per day is the right mix
  • Dan’s tool for when you get the most retweets: https://tweetwhen.com
  • How many Facebook status updates per day is too many
  • When Facebook status updates are most likely to get “liked”
  • What days of the week, and what time of day are the best times to Facebook
  • Do Facebook status updates with links, photos and videos attract more engagement

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

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