The World’s Most Powerful Consumer Electronics Reporter


This is an exclusive interview with Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, who Newsweeks calls “the most powerful arbiter of consumer tastes in the computer world today,” who Time magazine calls “the most influential computer journalist” and who Rolling Stone calls “the most powerful columnist in technology.”

I recorded this one-on-one interview with the world's most influential personal technology and consumer electronics tastemaker at the very first Ted Conference.


1:31 – Walt Mossberg talks about how the Internet has changed the way public relations practitioners send him news and press releases.

4:25 – Mossberg talks about how he uses the Internet to gather news.

4:51 – Mossberg talks about the number of emails he receives daily, not including spam.

5:32 – Mossberg discusses his expectations of corporate online news rooms.

6:25 – Mossberg on the impact of the web on the business of journalism.

7:01 – Mossberg on what he dislikes about corporate web sites: “I get annoyed by company websites that have too much animation or pages just there to make them look.”

14:20 – Mossberg on the significance of the blogosphere.

15:40 – Mossberg on the diversity of voices the blogosphere facilities.

17:01 – Mossberg on software as a service.

19:17 – Responding to a question about how we should be dealing with companies that are helping China crack down on decedents and censor the web, Mossberg responds, “I don't know if we should be doing it through legislation or through the market, but I think that those companies cooperation in censorship in China is shameful, and deserves to be opposed in some way or another.”

Photo by Brian Solis,

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