Public Relations Society of America with President and CEO Michael Cherenson

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Public Relations Society of America CEO Michael Cherenson on the results of the General Assembly for Delegates and Leadership and APR Accreditation at the 2009 PRSA International Conference in San Diego.  

Public Relations Society of American Assembly Update

01:21 – Steve Lubetkin asks via Twitter, “What is PRSA going to do to persuade members to seek APR accreditation?  Steve Lubetkin owns the firm in New Jersey Lubetkin Communications, which produces podcasts for clients.  

04:55 – What makes the APR accreditation relevant with communications migrating online and the rise of social media?  

06:20 – Fran Stephenson, director of corporate communications at Rackspace asks via Twitter, “How will the board regroup after yesterday’s disappointing assembly results?”  Fran Stephenson also appeared in a panel at the conference with Kami Watson Huyse, Matthew Henry, and Jason Avant on Building Relationships with the Digerati.  

08:05 – On her Kicking Sand Blog, Nicole Jordan asks, “What do PR professionals think needs to be done to fundamentally change the way PR is perceived and practiced?”  Nicole Jordan covered the conference for Webmaster Radio.  Her audio coverage can be found at the Voices of PRSA Podcast Center.  

11:01 – Is the definition of public relations too narrow to accurately describe where the business is headed?  

13:28 – End