Solution-Based Selling – Sales & Marketing Alignment Series – Part 3

sales and marketing alignment series - part 3 with Jeff Davis

In the final episode of this 3-part series, you’ll hear how organizations can shift toward solution-based selling.

In part 1 we covered aligning goals. In part 2 we talked about a framework for approaching alignment. In this final episode, we discuss solution-based selling.

Most lost sales don’t go to the competitors, they go to no sale at all. That means the buyer was not able to effectively make a decision.

Jeff Davis, author of Create Togetherness shares actionable steps sales teams can take to help buyers make those purchasing decisions, moving from a scripted sales pitch to a strategic partner.

“They’ve already researched benefits and features by the time they’ve come to you. What they’re really asking is, “help me make a decision on how to move forward.” Don’t explain how your product gets them there, co-create a solution. Show the extreme value you’ll add and they’ll reward you with their business.”

Jeff Davis

Make sure you listen to each episode in this 3-part series on the B2B Lead Gen Podcast, because we really delve into sales and marketing alignment

Jeff is a self-proclaimed “marketer with a soul of a sales guy” and has a lot to share with B2B organizations when it comes to transforming your sales and marketing teams from two arms of the same company into one revenue-generating machine.

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