Social Media Communications at the United States Marine Corps


Social media at the US Dept. of Defense with Gregory Reeder, Director, Marine Corps Internal Communications at Defense Media Activity and Editor-in-Chief at Marines Magazine, United States Marine Corps.


01:48 – How the USMC is coping with the shift from official to unofficial communications channels.

04:27 – Gregory Reeder clarifies the USMC's decision to block access to social media from the U.S. Department of Defense's non classified computer network.

06:14 – Gregory Reeder discusses how compromising Information for Official Use only could impact operational effectiveness, even thought he information is non classified.

07:41 – How the Defense Information School is preparing service members to use social media through regimented training.

10:02 – Selling social media to the command at the top of the Pentagon.

14:43 – The DoD's new social media policy.

15:58 – The website and how the USMC is doing their best to develop a common online community for Marines to network online.

17:26 – The recently established DoD new media cell and opening access. 

18:51 – Arming Marines with weapons and cameras.

21:17 – Practicing maximum disclosure with minimum delay on internet time.

23:15 – Leveraging social media without jeopardizing operational security.

24:55  – End

Image by Geoff Livingston

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