Major Marketing Insights from Le Web in Paris


Most Facebook and LinkedIn members are outside of the US.

So, when you market through social networks or SEO, you’re promoting your message to a global audience.

To be successful, you need a global perspective. And that’s what this episode is about.

In it, you will get significant take aways and marketing insights from what remains my favorite tech conference of the year.  

It’s called Le Web and it brings together a very influential audience of US and European executives from businesses within the Internet ecosystem.

Top industry entrepreneurs, executives, investors, senior press, public relations agencies, and bloggers gather for two days in Paris each December to focus on the key issues and opportunities in the web marketplace and this was my second year attending as an official conference blogger.

In this podcast panel discussion, moderated by For Immediate Release co-hosts Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz, official Le Web conference bloggers Tac Anderson, Chris Heuer, and Eric Schwartzman exchange riffs on the key takeaways on the keynotes, the newsbreaks, and other happenings at this year’s confab.

Le Web offers attendees a European perspective on how technology is developing, and its the most entertaining and best-looking tech event. At LeWeb 2011, there were over 3500 attendees in Paris from 69 countries and more than 200,000 participants online.

Nearly 235,000 viewers watched sessions via Ustream, over 300,000 managed on-demand sessions via YouTube, and more than 100,000 viewers watched Eric Schmidt’s keynote. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Eric Schmidt’s keynote address and his message to European Governments
  • The benefits of understanding the French and the European perspective
  • The dirty little secrets about prepaid broadband in Paris
  • Karl Lagerfeld’s keynote on the use of technology for fashion design
  • Sean Parker’s keynote on the rise of collaborative consumption
  • Social, local, mobile trends

    About the Panelists

  • Tac Anderson is vice president and head of digital strategies for Waggener Edstrom, based in London.
  • Chris Heuer is the specialist leader for social media at Deloitte Consulting and one of the founders of the Social Media Club.
  • Eric Schwartzman runs Schwartzman & Associates and founded iPressroom.

This is a simulcast of a video conference organized by Neville Hobson and recorded with Camtasia by Shel Holtz, co-hosts of the For Immediate Release podcast.

Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

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