Securing Celebrity Endorsements for Public Relations with Rita Tateel


How to book celebrities for special event appearances, making a paid celebrity endorsement authentic and the impact of social media on the culture of celebrity with Rita Tateel,  president of The Celebrity Source at the 2009 PRSA International Conference.   


00:54 – Past projects with The Celebrity Source include securing High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale for the Girls Day San Diego and Hayden Pannettiere for GenCon Indianapolis, two special events.  

01:41 –Achieving measurable business objectives through celebrity appearances and the most commonly asked questions public relations practitioners have when they are investigating the possibility of booking a celebrity for a special event or product launch.  

02:01 – Choosing celebrities based on a target audience and why a one-size fits all strategy never works.  

02:56 – Matching celebrities to campaigns based on key messages, so the endorsement is authentic.  

03:38 – Celebrities may be a great way to get people’s attention, but can they ever be more influential than one’s online social network?  

04:40 – How the clothing line Von Dutch was able  to launch based on a few well placed celebrities who were seen wearing those baseball caps and t-shirts, scoring influential brand recognition.   

05:35 – Can celebrities influence more than just style-related brands?  Do people trust celebrities when it comes to considered purchases, likes health care, financial services or politics?  

07:35 – How the world of celebrity endorsements has changed in the age of social media and transparency.  

8:12 – Joe Jaffe’s prediction that Twitter is a bubble waiting to burst, the Edelman Trust Barometer ranking on the influence of celebrities and whether or not the emergence of micro-celebrities who find fame with a smaller audience online will change the way we regard pop culture celebrities.  

09:50 – How Twitter is enabling pop culture celebrities to directly engage their fans, build a more passionate fan base and establish greater influence than disengaged celebrities.   10:36 – Does the fact that a celebrity is paid for an endorsement automatically cancel out their credibility?  

11:24 – Using celebrity endorsements for corporate cause-related marketing initiatives.  

12:43 – Does Twitter and social media make it more difficult to keep a celebrity on message?  

13:23 – How to effectively brief a celebrity on your key messages prior to a special event appearance.  

14:01 – At what point do you monitor social media before, during or after a celebrity appearance?  

15:23 – How to maximize the impact of a celebrity appearance and the most common mistakes organizations make when book a celebrity for public relations event.  

17:29 — End

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