SAP Marketing via B2B Online Training Courses [PODCAST]

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Find out how SAP marketers are using eLearning to drive the adoption of their latest software products and why social networks may need better legal chops to stand up to DMCA takedown requests from startups like Ashley Madison

Eric and Paul discuss Ashley Madison’s attempt to use the DMCA to get online publishers not to share their customer lists. The inherent tension social networks face as news providers, particularly if they lack the legal chops to stand up to take down requests under the Fair Use Doctrine, as becoming more transparent daily.

B2B Marketers Nir Rostoker and Katrin Elk

With cloud, mobility, and big data reshaping how B2B marketing and information technology is delivered and consumed, agile business is critical to driving fast implementation of new software and services.

In this podcast, Paul and Eric talk to Nir Rostoker, VP of UX and Mobile, Solution and Packaging at SAP, and openSAP e-learning architect Katrin Elk and about how they used an online course and a crowdsourcing as a B2B content marketing initiative to drive and scale adoption of SAP Fiori, a new user experience-building tool for SAP software.

Enthusiasts built more than 1,500 Fiori apps, as a content marketing effort to drive word-of-mouth awareness of both the product and the openSAP e-learning platform.

SAP has been expediting B2B marketing sales cycles by connecting buyers with customers from similar verticals in the SAP Community Network, which Paul and Eric covered in their B2B marketing book, so it’s fitting to see SAP take the lead on the use of e-learning to drive technology adoption as well.

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