Mastering Sales & Marketing Alignment: A 3-Part Series with Jeff Davis

sales and marketing alignment series with Jeff Davis

“I don’t want salespeople to be marketers or marketers to be salespeople. Instead, I want to help leverage each other to reach our goals. 

Jeff Davis

Learning how to master sales and marketing alignment is an ongoing process for many organizations. But, if you want to outperform your competitors and optimize your sales process, it’s essential.

You must first create aligned goals for your team, understand which sales and marketing configuration you currently have (and where you want to get to next), and transform your sales process from scripted calls to solution-based strategy sessions. 

To cover each of these steps in detail, I had a 3-part interview series with Jeff Davis, keynote speaker and author of Create Togetherness.

Death of MQLs and SQLs – Part 1

Marketing brings in leads and is celebrating a win, but sales can’t close those potential deals because they aren’t quality.

Why is this sales vs. marketing scenario so common — and what can leadership do to change it?

In the first part of this series, Jeff explains how internal teams can stop the finger-pointing. He shares some steps leadership can take to establish incentivization that fosters sales and marketing alignment

  • Improve sales enablement by looking at sales and marketing as the same revenue-generating system.
  • Make people feel like their work is connected to the overall success of the company.
  • Create more empathy and connectivity between sales and marketing.
  • Foster two-way communication that improves the entire sales process, with marketing offering the sales team customer buyer insights and the sales team offering marketing customer feedback.

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