Revenue Attribution Models for B2B Marketers


With buyer expectations at all time high, finding the best revenue attribution models have become a more popular, as companies search for better ways to understand the customer journey.

In a report, Forrester found the ROI of Bizible — a multi-touch attribution reporting vendor focused on measuring the revenue impact of marketing efforts — could be as high as 734% by providing the necessary intelligence to eliminate ineffective marketing spends.

With so much data available, we're getting better at marketing channel attribution all the time. And we're learning that paid media is not the only channel that can be accurately measured for ROI.

Particularly when they're integrated into the same campaigns, owned, shared and earned media are equally effective in the area of funnel management and revenue attribution modeling.

With sales productivity more dependent on understanding B2B buyers than ever before, B2B marketing is rising to the occasion by doubling down on sales enablement.

Aligning frontline, customer-facing teams with marketers to better understand seller-focused templates, scripts and snippets and more relevant, customer-centric communications that sales use and keep prospects engaged.

To reach the mountaintop, achieve trusted partner status and be rewarded with loyalty, B2Bs are implementing cross-functional alignment strategies to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the buyer’s problems, needs and jobs to be done.
  • Identify relevant solutions, process and best practices for solving the buyer's problems.
  • Ensure the successful implementation or their solutions beyond the trial or purchase.

We all want a seamless customer experience, but most B2Bs measure their sales, marketing and service efforts against different metrics.


If you want to provide a seamless customer experience, you have to eliminate the seams between the different departments in your org chart and deliver a unified customer experience.

When companies get repeatable, replicable processes and establish closed loop reporting to measure the impact of marketing and sales activities against common KPIs, ramp time for new reps and accurate forecasting becomes possible.

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