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Racism & Diversity. Now That I Know, What Can I Do?

The recent protests calling for police reform and justice for George Floyd has shined a beacon on the issue of race and equality.  “And George Floyd’s death is not rare. It’s just how he died. Cause what’s sad is we’re used to seeing us get shot. But to see a knee on the neck. To watch life…


How To Do a Live Streaming Webcast from Zoom to Social Media

The phone rang. It was Toyota digital marketing calling. It was one of those phone calls that was exciting, scary and life-changing, all at the same time. Mind you, this was many moons before coronavirus or on demand webinar services like Zoom, GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts existed. In fact, it was before live webinar marketing…


Future of Entertainment PR Post COVID-19

This week on PR Tech Wednesdays, a panel of public relations specialists from motion picture, music and television came together to discuss the state of the entertainment industry. Entertainment Panel Erik Deutsch, Excel PR – Clients include the California Film Commission and the Association of Film Commissioners International Wynter Mitchell Rohrbaugh – 10 years of…

David Meerman Scoot
NY Times Best Seller David Meerman Scott
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Top rated Linkedin Instructor Dierdre Breakenridge
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