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PR Tech Wednesdays - Weekly PR Tech Webinar
David Meerman Scoot
NY Times Best Seller David Meerman Scott
Top rated Linkedin Instructor Dierdre Breakenridge
Top rated Linkedin Instructor Dierdre Breakenridge
Fearless Mascot Ace

Weekly Webinars at Noon PT

Staying current on advancements in PR Tech is an ongoing challenge.

Why wait for the next big conference to find out what's new?  Join me Wednesdays from noon to 1pm Pacific Time for a weekly webinar on the latest in PR Tech.

I'm a PR specialist, tech entrepreneur and best selling author who's passionate about PR tech. These are in-depth conversations about the state of PR tech with thought leaders.

Let's track how tech is changing earned media relations together!

62% of communications experts say we’re approaching an age where you won’t be able to tell between content by a reporter, a brand or an influencer. And most people won't even care.

How will you adapt to this brave new world, where popularity is credibility?

PR Tech Wednesdays is a shared quest to keep our communications skills from becoming obsolete.

Join me and let's stay current on the latest developments in PR Tech in one-hour a week without leaving the office.


Up Next: Dmitry Dragilev at JustReachOut.io

Wed., Feb. 19, 2020 ~ 12pm PT

JustReachOut.io is a new online service that combines journalist and influencer contact information with educational resources to teach anyone the media relations skills they need to earn third party news coverage reviews, testimonials and endorsements.

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Start-Up's Guide to Hiring PR: 2020 Report


Regardless of head count, revenue, market share or strategic communications strategy, it’s the allure of earned media that compels most organizations to hire PR.

But the outcomes organizations want from their outreach efforts are as varied as the products and services they sell. 

These desired outcomes -- whether they’re customer acquisition, brand awareness, erecting barriers to entry or raising capital -- are what drive their PR hiring decisions.