Ex-Google Search Quality Team Member Opens Kimono


Fili Wiese is a former Google Engineer and member of the search quality team. I spoke to him after his keynote at the Affiliate Meet Market in Berlin in October 2022.

Tech SEO Topics Covered:

  • Search engine optimization ecommerce marketing
  • How to tell Googlebot what to crawl and what to ignore
  • How to manage your crawl budget
  • How to retain backlink authority
  • How to read Google Search Console error reports
  • Importance of breadcrumbs and structured data
  • How to get Google to trust your canonical link recommendations
  • And much, much more.

Next up is an exclusive interview with ESPN SEO Director Louisa Frahm, so subscribe here. And don't miss the 2023 Affiliate Marketing Roadmap episode I recorded with MaxWeb CEO Anna Gita.

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